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  1. What do you think about building a rylai's instead of a rabadons, visage, or abyssal? Why not take DFT? I've heard it's pretty good on Vlad. And what about thunderlords for more burst?
  2. I could help you if you want. I used to main jungle. Just hit me up if you need help. Btw, my in game name is: Its Controled
  3. How to stop Nasus: Get your jungler to gank very early and very often. Try to go in for trades often early, as he will be forced to use his abilities, or else he will lose a lot of hp. Don't push the wave and just cs, but if he goes to cs, punish him. Teemo is still a good counter vs Nasus, it's just that you have to go VERY aggressive vs him, specifically in the early game. Mid game he'll probably be top farming. This is the time that you'll want to group with your team, as it will normally be a 4v5. If he decides to tp into the fight,tell your team to back off, unless you know you will win the fight. For late game, just try to peel for your team. Don't let him get to your back-line. Hope this helps
  4. I guess that's going to happen again with the new keystone... yay... I think J4 top, Maokai jg, Orianna mid, MF adc, and Zyra support Just a ton of lockdown and cc. You get J4 to ult a ton of people in an area and then all hell's let loose with a ton of aoe ults.
  5. I hate Draven. People don't know how to play against him so he just gets super farmed and unstoppable.
  6. The least amount of LP I've gotten from a game is 14 xD. It's pretty sad, but it was quite a while ago
  7. I can't stand Dota or LoL anymore. They both have such a toxic community. Idk if I'll play either of them...
  8. Hi Everyone

    Hey, welcome to DI. Hope I can play a game with you sometime soon. :D
  9. Oh hi Mark

    Nice. I mainly play with my brother
  10. A rune that gives +1 permanent stat for intelligence, strength, and agility. Could be 1 rune or 3 different ones.
  11. Oh hi Mark

    Eh, that's OK. I sometimes stay up late so maybe I can teach you then :)
  12. Oh hi Mark

    Hi, my name is Adrien. I am 15 and love to play video games. I also enjoy playing sports such as volleyball, badminton and soccer. I enjoy playing chess versus anybody who wants to play. My steam name is -DI- |)inoe. I'm happy to be here. I've been looking to play with a team and wudduya know, my friend just happened to find this one. I hope I can meet new friends and get to know some people.