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  1. Competitve Team

    This is closed.
  2. All initiates have a mentor so just play some Dota with us! We never met in the battle.
  3. Welcome @New members of the team. These are the Requirements, if you're not sure of something feel free to ask me.
  4. You achieved all your goals by the way, you're great!
  5. Casual Team C objectives and goals August

    You don't suggest such a thing in your probation topic though :P
  6. Competitve Team

    We're looking for two players that can: Play every single day, or as close to daily as possible. Pos 3 Offlane and Hard support position 5 Roles. Or Can play pos1 carry better than I do. (DOUBT THAT PERSON EXISTS) Play in Europe servers. Very interested in getting better with a team (Strat Execution...) If interested please try to reach me here, on TS or on steam! *No cookie boys please, I'm the star of the team.* @Inter you down bro?
  7. Today's Event Stream (Casted)

    I really like how you two cast and co cast together! You should teach @Dwarsaw! That game though! was @Miracle invited to play Huskar or who was it?
  8. Melys Event Challenge

    But you actually didn't answer my question.
  9. Melys Event Challenge

    what kind of challenge is this?
  10. 1V1 Mid Tournament

    5pm Cest should be 11pm your time.
  11. 1V1 Mid Tournament

    Like I told you in the pm, it will be 11:30am for you :V you can make it! You're not sleeping till 12pm u_u Rules: Everyone will play anyhero he wants. The following items and actions are not allowed: Jungling Blocking the creeps or changing their direction by using abilities Soul Ring Infused Raindrop Runes Bottle Activating a Shrine Couriers are automatically deployed. Victory condition: Kill enemy hero twice or destroy one tower.
  12. Ladies and Gentelmen, Thiis will be the calendar for the upcoming event on Sunday, August 20th, 2017. The tournament will be : Round1: 8 Players compete in a single elimination games, 2 will advance to the next round and 6 will be knocked out. Round2: 16 Players will have one deciding game each, winners will move to the upper bracket,losers will move to the lower bracket. Main Event: Double elimination bracket of 16. Times included above will not be flexible, as games might be more or less than 15minutes, so it should last arround 3 hours. Matches for people using diffirent servers (tried to avoid that, but will happen) will include 2 games in each player's favourite server, winner will be the one with most kills, or highest gpm if kills are equal.(if you lose in your own server no need to the 2nd game, lol) During some rounds there will be 8 games running at the same time, one lobby wil always be created by @Dwarsaw and streamed on twitch, I will be in charge of the rest of game's lobbies. So everyone have to showup on teamspeak not to waste time. Also make sure you have me and Dwarsaw added on steam! Let's review the rules one more time! Rules: Everyone will play anyhero he wants. The following items and actions are not allowed: Jungling Blocking the creeps or changing their direction by using abilities Soul Ring Infused Raindrop Runes Bottle Activating a Shrine Couriers are automatically deployed. Victory condition: Kill enemy hero twice or destroy one tower. The following is the schedule. Everything is made consedring the mmr, and the servers. It may be hard to read?(not really) but I'll tro to add a graph later. WG X= Winner of Game X / LG X= Loser of Game X. UB= Upper Bracket / LB= Lower Bracket. CEST TIME. Game Radiant Dire Time Stage Game1 @Clones231 @Jonse 5:00pm Round1 Game2 @Andremull @Jam 5:00pm Round1 Game3 @MishaP @SolarWings 5:00pm Round1 Game4 @Monster @VincentDante 5:00pm Round1 Game5 WG1 WG2 5:15pm Round1 Game6 WG3 WG4 5:15pm Round1 Game7 @JshT @JmgooZe 5:30pm Round2 Game8 @Taka @KillerRex 5:30pm Round2 Game9 @YMV WG6 5:30pm Round2 Game10 @Fireplay @Phant0m 5:30pm Round2 Game11 @Skyl1nk @Mely 5:30pm Round2 Game12 @ApeLincoln @Tomy 5:30pm Round2 Game13 @Ramzy @Blackbird 5:30pm Round2 Game14 @3floor WG5 5:30pm Round2 Game15 WG7 WG8 5:45pm UB Round1 Game16 WG9 WG10 5:45pm UB Round1 Game17 WG11 WG12 5:45pm UB Round1 Game18 WG13 WG14 5:45pm UB Round1 Game19 LG7 LG8 5:45pm LB Round1 Game20 LG9 LG10 5:45pm LB Round1 Game21 LG11 LG12 5:45pm LB Round1 Game22 LG13 LG14 5:45pm LB Round1 Game23 WG15 WG16 6:00pm UB Round2 Game24 WG17 WG18 6:15pm UP Round2 Game25 LG15 WG22 6:00pm LB Round2 Game26 LG16 WG21 6:00pm LB Round2 Game27 LG17 WG20 6:00pm LB Round2 Game28 LG18 WG19 6:00pm LB Round2 Game29 WG25 WG26 6:15pm LB Round3 Game30 WG27 WG28 6:15pm LB Round3 Game31 WG29 LG24 6:30pm LB Round4 Game32 WG30 LG23 6:30pm LB Round4 Game33 WG31 WG32 6:45pm LB Round5 Game34 WG23 WG24 7:00pm UB Final Game35 WG33 LG34 7:15pm LB Final Game36 WG34 WG35 7:30pm Grand Final If you have issues regarding times let us know, and we will try to fix it.
  13. Actual Team progress in August(After lanning phase): Member Posts Events Attended Guides/Articles Equivalents in Dota Remarques @Taka 27 0 / / Best Captain Ever! @Mely 27 5 / Some successful ganks without smoke! Great pos4 player. @Jonse 3 1 / 1 Sentry ward & xp leech from own carry Best support 2k17! @Boxy 5 0 / 0Wards 10Deaths gg Gl next... @MRSA 5 0 / 5min Afk in fountain than ruin mid wp keep it up! @TRoYHD 5 0 / 15min 2bottles+normal boots. bad team right? Best Mid in eu servers confirmed @Rize 2 0 / Lol player trying Dota and dying to towers. Go back to Lol bro! Team Overall 75 6 / TI8 Winners KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS. @Tomy Joined the clan one month ago, and he got x5 times our team's post count and x2 our team"s event attendance in the month so far, good job team!