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    Long walks to the computer, beautiful sunsets happening behind the screen of my laptop, the wind rustling against the window next to my desk. Really just the finer things in life.
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  1. I love this thread
  2. Lol nice
  3. Lol yupppp
  4. This guy gets it
  5. Bringing in the hardy boys
  6. For that niche of niches, disney and pop punk fans
  7. This episode was fantastic I'm glad they started out with something so high quality. Also what a way to start the season off. The biggest prank of all, actually release the episode on April fools day
  8. Nice love this
  9. @ASpookyManWait. I fucking love this
  10. Looking forward to this
  11. I started rock climbing a couple days ago and I want to keep up with it through the summer
  12. I came here to write this, dammit
  13. Oh there's a whole beautiful world of ridiculously powerful supports out there. Morgana for a start has one of the longest forms of CC in the game on her Q and if your still in bronze you could build one support item, sight stone, and full damage and concievably carry in the game. Theres tons of other champs though if you want to go back to that role. What do you like most in a champion so far in terms of abilities?
  14. Who are you using to support if you don't mind me asking?