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  1. Awesome work :)
  2. That should be interesting lol
  3. @Mikitsunewas definitely the best, once again sorry for interrupting you! @Raptor
  4. No worries i'm happy to help you get back into it. We quite a lot of events every week so you can always come to those. Just check the DI-1 calendar for more info
  5. Hey, saw you play rust :) You're more than welcome to come play a wipe with us at some point in a casual team.
  6. Yeh if this was actually a thing raiding would be so much more fun. You'd always have to be looking out for traps.
  7. My nuts once tasted like a fat flying furry goat, who has issues with Mexicans paying for dinner at kitty cat's dinner biscuit in Las Vegas, New Mexico and Kaunas, so let's go to Taco Bell and wreck something that is not buttered like crispy rocks, alfredo sauce tastes like a squirrel anus whispering bonjour eating greatjackal's left toe and right hernia that exploded when you discovered Donald Duck playing in the backyard with knives and unicorns are beautifully flying touching marshmallows eating balloons and fidget spinners whilst eating candy canes, which happened to shriek towards death near spicy flavours that had lovely descriptions, tasting of sweet vengance and sweat from farming cheaters who write more than one word and can't follow basic rules because they have deeply ingrained issues with authority and are forever destined to be scum instead of a productive member of society or community like Damage Incorporated
  8. Your mentor report warmed my heart <3

    1. MadHatter


      Like my final comment :)

    2. Evani


      Of course ;)

  9. Very true, we should just roam with rocket launchers
  10. Just play more with genji, trust me if you get good enough you'll carry teams. Just focus on the back line and take out supports, also use your deflect as much as possible. The ult will take time to get good with but if you can it's insane.
  11. Yeh man that's awesome
  12. 1st one easy
  13. xD Nah im jk i feel bad now have your rep back
  14. Let me give you that starter rep
  15. Will be good :) Are you playing div wipe?