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  1. no, the draw will be done with a random sequence on the showdown server, I will post the screen in this topic
  2. dude you'll be on vacation the Round 1 week, this is not a problem if you accept to play 2 rounds next week. :D
  3. Hello everyone! I am happy to announce the first edition of the LC VGC18 PREMIER LEAGUE! There will be 4 groups of 4 players, 3 Weeks of round robin pools play between players (BO3),, and the top two players from each pool will move on to the top 8 single elimination bracket phase. Group Standings: Top cut ______________________________ Rules: LC VGC18 rules and useful info: Sign-ups: Post "IN" if you would like to participate. Sign-ups will close on 22 October at 9pm (GMT) Calendar: How to schedule: how to schedule: players will have to decide when to play their round below this post: the schedule will have to be public so anyone who is not there on the scheduled day will receive an autoloss for 2-0. Reporting scores: at the end of each round, the WINNER PLAYER will send me a message with the result and the replays. (if you do not send me the replays the match will not be valid). Team clarifications: A player must keep the same team for the duration of a 3 game set each week. Players are free to change teams between weeks, but not between games in a set. Any player found to have changed teams, whether accidentally or otherwise will be handed a set loss and banned from this premier league. Format: Unfortunately, the LC VGC18 tier has not yet been created on our server, so all battles will be played in Battle Spot Double Format. Awards!: ______________________________
  4. I'm unlucky and muddy water always miss XD. the substitute often allows me to have momentum and things make it difficult for the opponent who expects a protect, volt switch can be useful for example vs matchup as char y or mega ttar, removing their weather after mega evolution. and having 2 terrains can be disadvantageous, but the 2 tapus are for different matchups, I never bring both, scarf lele + mega metagross are able to make incredible holes in the opposing team.
  5. lol i am also appreciating lower tiers! at the moment I played a lot of RU finishing the suspect on sharpedo. now it´s time to start PU with your team! @Eastonn8 if you wanna try my RU team : http://pokepast.es/0a98c7351ae8a5d3 (one question: why defog and rapid spin? you only need one!)
  6. looks a very good team! i have a very similar one, i play kingdra with the sub on muddy water , my tsareena is AV and i replaced M Gengar with tapu lele. i recommend volt switch on koko, It is very useful, especially in weather wars!
  7. What Kind of Music Do You Listen to While Gaming?

  8. What platform do you prefer?

    vinyls only ;)
  9. Little Cup is typically level 5, but to keep it in the theme of VGC, many agreed that lvl 50 is better for diversity sake especially when creating EV spreads. and damage rolls changes a lot: LV 5: -1 252 Atk Sneasel Icicle Crash vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Murkrow: 18-24 (72 - 96%) -- guaranteed 2HKO LV50: -1 252 Atk Sneasel Icicle Crash vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Murkrow: 102-120 (61 - 71.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO Ultimately, level 50 prevents you from playing mon with sturdy + berry juice, so you can get 100% life, this thing is ok in single, but it's very boring in double.
  10. sneasel is the faster fake out of the meta, but he is not really broken you can stop it in many ways! singles and doubles are really different metagames!