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  1. Larger spawn areas Newmans freshly washed up on the beach should now be spread out a bit more as Andre has made the coastal spawn areas larger. With this, he’s improved on the spawn handler density enforcement. Optimization Andre is also working optimization in the realm of garbage collection. Garbage collection is used to free up resources in the game. Unfortunately, if garbage collection happens too frequently, it can be a source of poor performance. With this in mind, he’s eliminated a bunch of garbage collection allocations for various sounds and effects. Bradley progress Helk appears to be working on the Bradley APC, a functionality in the ‘Now’ category of the new roadmap. Although we don’t know if it’ll make it in this week, we can expect the first iteration of this new PvE element to patrol the launch site (and eventually roads across the map). AI progress Pal continues his work on the AI branch, further optimizing the navmesh grid. This navmesh is required for the upcoming Scientist NPC’s to navigate the complex terrain of Rust. Optimization is crucial, however, given the navmesh generation already bottlenecks when starting servers. Small backpack art Tom has committed the materials, textures, prefabs, and more for the upcoming small backpack. Although it is unlikely we’ll be seeing this backpack in game this week, this artwork is an important milestone in the process. Small monuments Vincent and Damian are making great headway on the small monuments branch. As mentioned in the recent devblogs, these small monuments will spawn on roads around the map and provide more opportunities for new players to loot. As with all monument and dungeon art, we can’t expect to see these in game till the next forced wipe at the earliest (on September 7th). Other stuff Fixes for OSX More description fixes and updates Removed max draggable from items (except liquids) *** Copy/Paste from: https://www.rustafied.com/
  2. [DI-I] Division Wipe Guidelines

    we do have 2 ways up and down, at least to the 3rd floor, I forgot to to add it to the 5th floor. I do thing we will need wall staking in the sides. Also we have 2 doors to get in and out to/from the base
  3. [DI-I] Division Wipe Guidelines

    Ok guys, i'v been looking into @captainunicorn design and i have some inputs... I don't know how to wall staking so its not in my design. For some reason the post wont accept to upload the img from the link so ill just post the links to the design. First floor with 2 loot rooms and 2 big furnaces http://imgur.com/a/U7C94 Second floor is for roof staking and we wont have any access to it Third floor is for base defense and we will keep roof staking. also we will have at least 4 boxes with gear to defend our base + beds. Forth floor - won't be in use - its the roof of the Third floor and also we will keep roof staking our loot rooms. Fifth floor is for base defense, it will help us to fight any one that is trying to get to our roof. After that we can keep building up and make a tower or something. please share your thoughts guys :) @FYouSeeKay, @R3dl1ne @martini09 @lor @SilixFlame @Tionis @Herds @luigigoesboom @kse7en
  4. Team C Thread

    Good rules!!! Good luck @Tionis, i'm sure you will do a grate job as our new TL.
  5. Weapon flashlight The weapon flashlight is getting a significant buff this week with an added flare that can momentarily blind or disorient other players. In our testing this can change some PVP encounters in a serious way. Learned recoil tweaks Helk has changed the recoil on the LR-300 and the MP5A4 a bit more this week. The LR pattern is a bit more vertical before horizontal, but overall the changes have not really been noticiable in our testing. Other stuff Made snow mound edges even Burnt Human meat now uses the correct icon instead of cooked bear meat icon More item description updates and fixes Ore break effect increased in size to account for new ore models Fixed a bunch of bugs with rounding errors in resource dispenser Crappier tools now yield less total ore when playing the minigame (as intended) ****
  6. Team C Thread

    will do <3
  7. Ice Ice Baby August 02, 2017 by xplodingboy 07 Icebergs They’re back! After a few months of absence, the landscape of Rust island is a more diverse this week. Found in the water surrounding the snow regions these frigid platforms remain buildable as well. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of builds Rust players will envision. New nodes Nodes have been overhauled as well, after looking relatively the same for a couple of years the new nodes feel natural and add a nice visual change to the landscape. Procgen improvements Rock formations around the map have changed to a sharper and more detailed look. When viewed with the new nodes the Rust landscape looks a lot more natural and exciting. Launch site The launch site has seen a number of visual improvements including new or improved textures, furniture in the offices, and office equipment. There seems to be a story behind this place, and the abandoned equipment conveys a very eerie vibe throughout. Other stuff Improved ore hotspot placement significantly Made player always have his gun at the ready pose when crouched / crouch walking ( 3rd person ) Windows 32-bit is no longer supported Steam achievements are coming, a few basic ones are in game now Steam stats coming soon Fixed hotspot bonus sound not appearing where hotspot was destroyed Lowered ore hotspot HDR component Gathering destroy fraction is also multiplied by the ore minigame (fixes yields too high with lesser tools) **** Copy/Paste from https://www.rustafied.com/
  8. DI-I August 2017 Announcements!!

    Congrats to our new clan members! we are lucky to have you.... @SilixFlame we are lucky to have you, our division needs good members like :)
  9. Omg!!!! you got owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. Unfortunately I don't allot of stuff this week, lets hope we will see more in the next tow days... At least the grass is gonna be shorter. UI and menu screen changes This week we will see a few improvements to the UI and menu screens including the welcome addition of an exit confirmation screen. Retiring DX9 DirectX 9 is singing its swan song with this update now that it’s been removed in favor of an OpenGL based fallback when DX11 isn’t available. At this time the game simply launches into DX11 mode. We haven’t heard if OpenGL will be a selectable option prior to the launch screen. EAC update Andre has worked on a fix for the "EAC Disconnected" error. It’s unclear what exactly this resolves but we are hopeful that players will see fewer errors that kick them out of the game this week. Other stuff Changed some item descriptions Campfires displace grass Grass displacement around ore nodes Terrain grass is 10% shorter Increased brightness of ore nodes in temperate climates to stand out more Sulfur nodes show a more distinct yellow hue Metal nodes show more oxidation Stone nodes are overall more desaturated, and grayer to stand out against other nodes Added gibs models for every node picking stage Snow biome nodes should be more visible and easier to differentiate Nodes are overall slightly smaller Cave ores are much smaller and biome nodes are gray again Copy/paste from : https://www.rustafied.com/
  11. UPDATE DAY 07/20/17

    Bradley progress Helk has continued his work on the Bradley APC. Focusing on pathfinding, movement, and weapons, Helk is close to having this bad boy roaming the Rocket Factory dungeon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’ll quite make it in this week as there is still work to be done. Stutter fix?! Andre has optimized the effect dictionary creation by including the data pre-sorted in the game manifest. 'What the fuck does that mean?' you might ask. Long and short: it should eliminate various stutters caused by effects. Keep in mind, this doesn't necessarily mean there will no longer be any stutters in the game. But hey, anything which reduces them is a step in the right direction. New nodes Nodes have received a bit of a facelift today as the models have been updated. It appears this change is purely visual, so you can expect nodes to spawn in the normal locations and yield the same resources. Sound changes Alex has done some work on music and sound fixes this week. First, music intensity doesn't drop during loading screen. Also, gunshots and explosions bump music intensity more if you're closer to them. In addition, he’s fixed footsteps not playing on nodes and steep inclines. Finally, he’s made it so walk/run footsteps are chosen by movement speed not sprint key state (no sprint steps when going up steep hills). AI progress Pal has been trucking along on the AI for the upcoming Scientist NPC’s. He’s implemented and tested a new cover system, allowing NPC’s to be more aware of cover points and in which directions they provide cover. He’s also tested a pre-baked navigation on launch site. Like the Bradley APC, however, there is still more work to be done before we’ll see the men in blue wandering the landscape of Rust. Other stuff More progress on dungeon art Diogo did a bunch of changes and tweaks to shaders Water no longer spawns a world model when dropped out of its item container Started work on the next version of procedural map generation (procgen12) **** COPY - PASTE FROM RUSTAFIED.COM
  12. Very Interesting............

    omg guys, you need to stop
  13. Let's get to know each other!!

    @Raptor good topic man!!!!! Favourite Film: all Harry Potter films Favourite TV series: Stargate sg1 & GOT Current favourite song: dont have one :\ Favourite Food: Pizza Favourite Hobby: Camping Talents that you have: trolling
  14. Introductions and ideas

    welcome man!! its nice to have some old ppl here ;)