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  1. ok mee too
  2. senheiser
  3. gold nova II who is in my team? @LeonKenwaySilver IV
  4. still Dust II ftw
  5. 9999 atm
  6. Ridiculousness
  7. Im sorry for miss event today :( im still on holidays.. trying to come online whenever i can

    1. Razgriz


      It's alright, friendo. Real life takes priority. Enjoy your holidays! There will be plenty more events in the future. :)

    2. aHero


      nice okay thanks :) ! will be back on tuesday


    3. LeonKenway


      Have fun in holidays ma friend

  8. yea Welcome to DI again :D
  9. Hey guys! :) I am from DI-II and searching people to recruit or persuade/testify toplay SHK! the game is for free, easy to play, trains logicalaty and strategie and we really need some more peoples whos support us on our island!! we will push you with ressources and maybe honest with a award!! please dont be shy and take contact to me or my friends from DI-II!! feel free to do what you want! But really request for some new players!! im sorry for bad english! come into our teamspeakchannel!
  10. Welcome to DI ;) be aktiv!! so important
  11. its a cheap one :D but works perfect
  12. yea Welcome ;) enjoy and be aktiv!
  13. Techno ftw oldschool beats rap too
  14. Mr.Robot Workaholics oldschool sitcoms