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  1. yeah def winston. if played right he can follow ur dash with his leap. Also I personally hate junk rat so imma say junkrat as well. Esp since he just has to wait to him on auto or a trap than just mine u and ur dead. @xBloodbane what do u think
  2. Did you get that achivement i was talking about @HiddenCrisis above
  3. yes i agree, good people are hard to find and good friends are even harder to find. Ah im peanut butter and jelly that is an amazing highlight intro. Do you have the achievement that u get if u interupt someone ult with ur sleep dart? I was this close to getting it yesterday. Also @HiddenCrisis check this forums too, we can message in both and help out ur posts and talk about all sorts of things.
  4. Thats awesome to hear @HiddenCrisis What is your favorite part of her kit.
  5. sad day, what do u think of the new mercy @Kyomorai that is a really great answer, while she might be less picked in higher SR, would u say that the people loyal to pharah in those SR ranges have a good success rate or do u think they struggle? @DannyL What is you favorite part of Hanzo's Kit @WesleySenpai Alright, how do u think she impacts the game at different SR's and do u think she can carry more now that she has been reworked? @OneEyedDawg
  6. agreed, ive been trying to learn him and get better with him but he has a lot of small mechanics that are essential to his kit.
  7. Yes he does and he is super impactful early game.
  8. I would love to see more of these like once a month or two tbh. And with the play of the week going good it should add plenty of content to your montages. Keep up the great work. Also if u like the video give it a thumbs up on his youtube and subcribe to a fellow DI members youtube as well. Lets help him out ladies and gents.
  9. So sick. Also if yall havent noticed its sync to the music.
  10. Now thats awesome, i would love to see that or the reaction on their face after it.
  11. So tell me about ur favorite play or moment in Overwatch or one of them. @Mercurry
  12. Yes Lucio is very fun and his wall ride is crucial to his kit. I really enjoy your answer here well thought out. Clearly this is the correct answer here mercury. 100% accurate. :)
  13. Vikings Season 5 HYPE

    So i havent watched this but it looks super good, ill throw it on my to watch list.