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  1. What role do u think is the most impactful to the game?
  2. What ability do you evolve first on Kha support?
  3. That must be LPL Strats, kha bot lane.
  4. Kha/zix huh, i wanna see your kha support one of these days.
  5. That is confedential information. Jokes. Xayah, Jinx, Cait, Lucian, Varus id say maybe or maybe not in that order not sure lolz. What about your top 5 supports?
  6. Hmm great to know. Thanks for that. Now what is your favorite item Aleire.
  7. Well my favorite item for my support to get is ardent censer by far. I was thinking personally.
  8. For me Infinity Edge i think. But i like Bererkers Greaves and Rapid Fire a lot as well. Do you think Lulu is a dominant in Diamond and higher as she is in plat and lower?
  9. That is actually good to know, thanks for this.
  10. So u read the title, its about anything and everything and nothing all at the same time. Haha. Bascaially talk about anything. So first thing is first, favorite League of Legends Champioin.
  11. Competitive Team F (Heckers): Roster and Chat

    Some familar faces here lolz
  12. Notice Me Rakan (ADC/supp/mid) (silver) I work m-f 8-4 but i can do what ever hours i want cause i work by myself so im usually available to play.
  13. haha that is awesome
  14. in the first pic, is that lux on your back with garen, lee and ez?