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  1. DI vs The World

    go di!
  2. An Introduction

    Welcome to DI!
  3. Hey! Nice to meet you.

    Welcome to DI! Love your profile picture btw :)
  4. Hello.

    Welcome to DI!
  5. hi :)

    welcome to DI ^^
  6. as long as you log in to the forums every three days and on ts once in 10 days, it's fine :)
  7. i'm perfectly aware of that, i've seen the numbers, and it was painful.
  8. Activity Requirements (Read and Respond)

    Read, i'll remain on comp team
  9. Getting on the forums is fine, but as soon as i try to open up a post, i get the HTTP error 500 page....

    1. luigigoesboom
    2. Vomakith


      yeh I'm getting the same thing

    3. elemental


      it has been like this for the past 6 hours for me... rip forum

  10. The newest N00b

    Welcome to DI!
  11. Pie is better than cake.

    apple/cinnamon for me <3
  12. ok will do :) and join us in our ts channels soon :)
  13. Hey, HeyItsBrek

    Welcome to DI! :)
  14. Hello DI

    Welcome to DI! always welcome to play with us at the ARK division :)
  15. depends if you're looking for PvE or PvP, but we at PvE would be happy to have you with us :)