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  1. Welcome back Stone :) If only daniel stopped freaking in wow we could be a team ranked one :)
  2. Steam Sticker books back. Seems so long ago

  3. i think you can include Titus here as wel and not onley because of his dagegr reveal that he can put on low cd. also the low high range dash makes it easier to catch up with a nix they kinda both need some line of shot for it. and he then slows you which will probably makes you not get to you're safe spot. Another big thing for nix players where he is kinda different like other freelancers is most firepowers want to stand behind cover or half cover to lower the damage stealth is actually a second option for them because if you're found in stealth bushes you will always take full damage nix players will not use a lot of covered places because they are more centered in the map they want to really abuse the stealth squares:)
  4. wait where you not drunk and going to bed dam you. so much readings but jet again a well rounded build load out, thanks For taking the time to do this,
  5. where you playing for finding teammates vs bots or something then? that doesn't sound normally or was it extraction mode?
  6. @Horatioyou sure you want to get lessons from @BeerCheese(he still doesn't know what he is clicking ) nha just kidding i guess almost everybody is willing to help you around here man. Its always good to have more players playing atlas. @Horatiois funny Friday games today in atlas you're free to join if ya want to,
  7. Hello, Nice to hear that, It think the learning curve is quite OK, its to get used to some chars first and then about learning how to position a bit. znd then there are the mind games. but feel free to come and hang out with us anytime
  8. i thin you're miss calculating this. Lets Take 10 times for making the calculations a bit easier ( it will probably be 7-9 i feel) 10 times a hit will be lets say 60% of the times a close target and 40 % only hitting farther away targets so that's +12 + 4 ( out of these 60 % u are more likely to also hit another 50% 2 target and 25% 3 targets) considering the 2nd target will be 60% a farther away target that would make another +6, and for the 3 targets i guess it will be then +4 dat would be 26 damage considering you are almost never hitting a second target close by . Doing 26 more damage with tremors will make you have to get the proc almost 5 times could be possible but seems harsh. Also i think you are talking about burst damage but what is the point of higher burst on you're lower damage ability it does make round out the damage on it but it is not worth considering it as burst unles you can get that close range ability trough a wall in some maps it probably can work easier in some maps it will definitely be not the fact. I think you want the more burst on your primary damage then on 70 + times you're lower damage output 28 damage on the closer one or 18 on the farther one trough a wall i know
  9. No problem, enjoy it. :)
  10. Ask @Rabugentomaybe he knows this build as well for the celeste
  11. Sins al answers are going into the same direction if i read this then you actually also see what the grey should do not dart and cata. Dart en shoot next turn. This is where the mind games take over and where you could also get turned around and still die whitout trading because if you blink and she moves to safe spot she still can turn the bird against you sins you are revealed because of the dart
  12. jes never forgot officers / teamleaders have real life to and it can take some days to get evrything done
  13. Mt tokens probably not sended jet. Its a long list to go over you will probably get them somewhere this evening if the responsible officers get back online. Same probably go's for the poker event. The other ones you probably need the attending officer or ask there vices
  14. Well then you should download the game sinds its free 2 play. Its a stratigie pvp turn based game. Your always welcome to come and hang out with us. We will teach you the ropes of the game. @BeerCheesewelcome here as well
  15. nice idea's