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  1. Funny Friday tournament

    Funny Friday tournament
  2. Anyone Playing EUW

    I recommend any players from team A very solid team whoever u play with
  3. Never watched it. So all items are irrelevant to me :3
  4. Zer0 Logo

    Looks awsome. Bet you got a waiting list for this logos😂
  5. New season in 3 days.

    i do agree that keeping the ranks now is less of an ache when its starts
  6. Rocket league coming to Switch

    Im sure we would adapt yoshi. Be a ball ache getting all the stuff on there though. My mantis is looking absolute beaut at the moment
  7. Tournaments

    I am yet to compete in any tourneys because the only one I am aware of is sundays which I work on. If they're are midweek tournaments then I'm up for that most of the week
  8. Last month

    If me and @Metalingusfail at champion. I'm going to throw to go down to gold to ruin your target @Ize😂
  9. Rocket league coming to Switch

    Dont have a switch, wouldnt personally mind having it purely for it being more playable elsewhere, but i dont like cross platform, i already have the ps4 cross platform turned off XD
  10. NA ESL Team

    Or you could maybe move to Europe 😆
  11. Name Change.

    The picture your using is telling me different. And you can take the random out of the name. But you can't take the random out of the sona. Just appearing in ts channels and sitting their waiting is even past my random experience lol
  12. Best of DI Sneak Peak

    Chances on me and metal needing our own segment 😂
  13. Best of DI Sneak Peak

    Got loads more clips if you want me to send? Or have you chosen the clips for this one?
  14. Endo of an era

    The heartbreaking question is. How much is white endo lol
  15. Season 4 Rewards

    @Metalingusgot to get on to this pushing onto champ 😁