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  1. Your succes does not always mean someone else's failure. (Lesson for life in my opinion)
  2. I see you are a man of culture as well :)
  3. Because they have no mental or physical strength to cope with the game and its challenges. Others just don't know what to do. Third just can't be bothered. And the fourth kind is thr worst : the decent nice friendly player with potato pc that just can't play properly. You want to kick him and be nice to him at the same time. Oh boy yes a lot especially in the lower ranks.
  4. Well both are pretty important ,but still war is pointless. (Not sure if I repeat myself I am slowly losing track of this :D )
  5. Just because you screwed up something does not mean you can't fix it. Write down the bad ideas because they can become good overtime.
  6. I agree ,but its different for everyone.
  7. Give compliments its nice (but don't over do it)
  8. Keep going buddy.
  9. Guess who is not sleeping tonight. *falls asleep dreaming transgender waifus* although its pretty cool :D
  10. "Don't cry because its over smile because it happened" - Dr Seuss
  11. This one is not a quote but it was just amazing. This will only change you for better here is what you should do. STOP : swearing , complaining and blaming others for 24 hours and look how everything around you chsnge. And stick with that if you want. :) Also remember to like it if you liked it if you like. P.S shout out to Dodie Clarks's songs on Youtube.
  12. Really appreciated. Sillines is the essence of growing up. As you do you lose some of it.
  13. Nope I don't think it will be CS in that case. Just imagine year 2020 : Socks Assimov Well Worn. I can't live through that.
  14. You will get it soon. Duuuuuse if you want to progress pm me or someone better to teach you it hurts mah hart and mah sole.