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  1. Pokémon Worlds Top Cut. Wolfe Glick became the first player ever to make top 4 of 4 world championships, passing up Ray Rizzo and Sejun Park's three each. LatAm dominated cut, with only two NA players making it. Per usual, Japan and their gross memes did well.


  2. PUBG Group

    @NotAntarctican now, no taking one of my best members ;-) @nitrodog96 :-P No leaving me xD
  3. Somebody is veeeery close to that sexy pink name and silver star....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NotAntarctican


      End of the month guys :P

    3. 13thShade


      @NotAntarctican "Quickly."

      You guys have done it at what I think is the right pace. What, about 2 months? Quick enough to not be waiting around forever, but slow enough to be established and I think better prepared for division status. Because of that, I don't see you guys failing out of division the way some ventures do. When you command a venture that long it really shows that you have the chops to be a commander.

      Well done, man. Well done.

      Also, the fact that you are Polish makes it even better :D


    4. NotAntarctican


      Yeah you're right, better to be a safe division and thanks :)

  4. PUBG Group

    @NotAntarctican Take it away ;-)
  5. Random shiny Trubbish. Im sure you can tell how i felt about it
  6. I'd say nice stars but... You have no idea what you are getting yourself in to :-P

    Just kidding, I get a sick thrill out of administration so half of Vice-ing is hella fun for me.

    Though working with that weird commander of yours is going to be a pain in the butt... @OverwatchTho

  7. Solo Playthroughs

    I might just have to try a Solo run through of a game with Goodra. Now I just have to get my hands on a 3DS lol
  8. August Division Meeting

    That is fine. we usually start 5-10 minutes late to make sure everyone gets there.
  9. August Division Meeting

    I want everyone to RSVP please. @reaperchrisxi @claduva @TheLoneEagle @Koenkloo
  10. I legit want to cry...


    1. Vegas
    2. 13thShade


      @Vegas in case you were wondering, he's a multiple time World's finalist and multiple time US National Champion. One of the greatest to ever play.

      RIP the Asian Sensation.

    3. BallisticPlanet
  11. TFW the two people you wanna win worlds get haxed put in the first round of swiss.

    Good thing it's X-2 cut after swiss.

  12. Be careful being so smart, you may get snapped up by a competitive team ;-) Seriously though, how did a shiny hunter learn competitive? You are probably better than me lol.
  13. WHAT THAT Z MOVE THO I CAN'T HANDLE IT. If that Z-Move is actually going to operate that way, it will make Fairies even more valuable because of Kommo-o's 4x weakness to it.
  14. Well, for a pokemon that is Tiered in OU, I'd say I like Mega Scizor the best (I think that's still OU, would have to check). For competitive Pokémon overall my favorite is Goodra.