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  1. 2K hell

    ok i like your maturity but yeah we can play party if you want tho http://steamcommunity.com/id/LordHerby/
  2. 2K hell

    I meant solo boosting like I play on your account to get you 3k
  3. 2K hell

    @CaptainSpamAlot I can legit boost you if you want if you are as good as you say and truly don't deserve to be in that bracket hmu with a friend request and we can talk im 3.8k 57% wr
  4. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    Do you have any last words? "No, because last words are for fools who haven't said enough"
  5. Count to One Million

  6. 3.7 but im flattered that viruz thought i was 4-5k ty for the compliment
  7. ty for the casting viruz i appreciate it and i wanna be a caster myself so i envy you one thing is to try to talk about what you think about the game/picks while switching your camera between all 3 lanes so you can talk about stuff and miss the least kills
  8. any day, message me whenever but friday and weekends are the best
  9. Id like you to cast one of my games as well
  10. also common misconception having 2 desos, or having 2 radiances isnt that bad, both of the heroes need their individual stats and dmg, but something like 2 acs or shiva are not good other than a few factual errors your voice and talking are smooth and it's easy to hear and to catch on to what you're saying keep it up
  11. you're a sexy man is what i have to say about this draft from radiant was not good, clinkz offlane. Even if he has invis sb + pa with dust can kill clinkz ill continue later i have to go Xd
  12. Count to One Million