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  1. Tonight, our team played in a tournament. We won the first game and lost the second. Was a great experience for our team! I played jungle both games. First game, we were against Plats & Golds and steadily got objectives for a solid win. Second game, their Lee Sin got a bit of a lead, I helped get top a kill, then they all grouped and took a tower while we took two. Looked fine, until they just kept doing more four man grouping at mid ..... and.... well...... that was a very crazily fed Lee Sin. I do see some of my mistakes and will be analyzing that game with Mista to improve my shotcalls etc. I am so happy with our team dynamics. Everyone cooperates great and has a great attitude. We were definitely humbled the second game, which is always good for a team, so we are steadily motivated to get better.
  2. Fun was had, lessons was learnt! I know it was an awkward time (middle of the day in the middle of the week), but we had a full 10 to play. Everyone was a great sport, and the game was one sided briefly, then even for quite awhile, then the team that was originally behind stole turrets and won. Yasuo distraction ftw! :D Thanks to everyone who participated in the event! I look forward to more of these, to be schedule at night sometimes, too! They'll start faster now that most people know the rules I'm using, etc. End scores, participants, and "next level" builds :D : @ACEintheCROWD, @TheArcticNinja @OurCarry @17B17 , @PuffDaddyP @Setup333 , @SirHugster, @SkyWave
  3. This is what got me to reform

    you don't deserve it because you took all my kills as the adc while you're overpowering graves jungle lol. toxic in your own special way LOL. but good job on the honor. and learn to play a second champ (contributing to the toxicity on this thread lol)
  4. fuuy12 - GNY Fuuy - Gold 5 - Team B - NA TheArcticNinja - The Arctic Ninja - Gold 4 - Team B - NA 17B17 - 17B17 - Bronze 4 - Team B - NA
  5. Casual Team B Thread

    Um. Tell me more about this community and/or team. What do you guys do? Just hang out, and random stuff?
  6. where is the test

    i detect photoshop lol
  8. Incoming News Blast

    I'm posting. That's news haha
  9. League

    "So out of curiosity, Im just gonna ask some questions just to understand. do you have any toxic players that play league here? people have to wait so long to become members here, that it weeds out the trolls, impatient people, and typical ragers. Plus, nobody wants to risk losing their membership, mostly because there are so many ACTIVE events going on. So, is anybody toxic ever? Yes. Around me? No lol. But seriously, this has got to be the least toxic membership ever. Are there any low ranked players here that play league - players of all ranks here. always someone on playing league When playing is there a special role you have to play ( like tank or dps) or is it free pick - everyone calls a role usually. And is there a specific time for when players casually meet up and play - there is a calendar of events, with something league going on every night. so, usually evenings, but informal gatherings and customs, daily, too."
  10. his thresh sup was on point that game :D
  11. Good Noodles

  12. Team Void Seeks Scrims

    we could do it sunday at 7 pm ET. Project Feed. (formerly known as Project VS)
  13. Competitive Team B: Team Roster & Chat

    Big changes! Project VS shall no longer be known as Project VS or any simile. Through the process of interdimensional voting, we shalt hereby forevermore, be referred to with great dignity, as: PROJECT FEED In addition, Please welcome @Pupper to the team
  14. Braum the Used Car Salesman. Instead of a giant shield, it's a car door. Cheesy quotes that a used car salesman would say lol.
  15. Count to One Million