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  1. if you want blue dye, i have a lot of it in the blue box
  2. really? just make your own
  3. School at 49 years old seems so much easier than it did when I was younger.

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      Life itself is a trusted teacher as well

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      You have got this! Keep working hard!

  4. hey Draco, TS has a mobile app, just an fyi


  5. What's wrong with the DI Calendar?

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      well that sucks, hope it gets fixed soon


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      It's messed up


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  6. Officer Test taken . Regards Dave

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      how'd it go dave?


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      84% Do I get to know what I got wrong ?. Regards Dave

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      That's a  very good score, well done. I think you might be able to ask for feedback, worth a shot.

  7. Becoming a Monker in Stronghold Kingdoms The first step to becoming a monker is unlocking monks You do this by researching Arts to 3 to unlock Theology Then researching Theology to 5 to unlock Ordination Researching Ordination unlocks the ability to have monks, the more ordination you have the more monks you can have per village. The maximum you can have is 8 per village. Ordination 1 opens up Pilgrimage which allows you to improve the speed your monks travel. Once you have monks, you can immediately send votes with them for yourself. Or for others. To do other things with them you must research other areas. Theology is the most important research ability for monking, it unlocks all the other skills monks can do and increases your faith points per day earnings. At theology 7 you can open up the Baptism ability, this skill allows your monks to heal disease. Theology 8 opens up the Marriage ability, this skill allows you to issue blessings to parishes to increase popularity. Theology 9 opens up Confirmation, this skill allows you to use Inquisition on parishes to reduce popularity. Theology 10 opens up Eucharist. This skill allows you to Interdict yourself and others. Interdiction protects villages from attacks. Theology 12 opens up Confession. This skill allows you to use Absolution. Absolution removes Excommunication from villages. Theology 13 opens up Extreme Unction. This skill allows you to use Excommunication on others. Gaining faith points is essential to being a capable monker. To do this you need to have all the faith buildings built in every safe zone village you have. As well as to have the parish churches maxed out in the parishes you have villages in. Your safe zone villages are your bread and butter as a monker. Without them you won’t have the faith points that pay for the interdictions your team mates need. Or the excommunication to keep your enemies off of ID so your team mates can take them out. Once you have the research done and the faith points built up, you become very important to the war effort for your faction and house. Because now you can protect your faction and house mates, and you can stop your enemies from protecting themselves. This is done with the use of ID (Interdiction) and Excom (Excommunication). You need to have ID (Eucharist) researched to the maximum level in order to be able to protect any rank player that is on your team. One monk will give 4 hours ID for a cost of faith Points (FP) based on the level of the target player. The lower the level of your target, the less it cost, the higher the level the more it cost. So, it is very important that you have your villages placed where you can build faith points quickly. I usually put 3 or 4 villages per parish in the safe zone where the parish church is max level. If your team’s fighters are a long way off, then you need to have pilgrimage maxed out so your monks can travel as quickly as possible. You can make them go even faster by using cards called envoy (x2 speed) or advanced envoy (x4 speed). Sometimes it is imperative to get monks there quickly to prevent more attacks from coming in. Sometimes it is a good idea to have one village in the current war zone and keep it interdicted just so you can get monks to the fighters faster. The ideal village mix would be 4 in the safe zone per 1 in the hot zone, so the minimum village count to be an effective monker during war time is 5 villages. This is the bare minimum though, more in the safe zone is always better in order to keep building up faith points so you can keep your hot zone village interdicted while you are sending out ID and Excom as needed.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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      Have a nice time Lightning :)

  9. W1 CP24 IW Princess those are the only worlds i am still on
  10. Gears of War 4 consoles came out today, those who got the console can dl and p[lay the game today, the game itself comes out on the 11th!

  11. welcome to DI
  12. welcome to DI
  13. it's good to see you returning, can't wait to play SHK IW with you :)
  14. post your application and join us in division 2 Island Warfare :)