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  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy it :)

    1. Telfer


      Happy Birthday!

  2. I don't really care for this new method, I attended MT, and I even typed into the chat on twitch, but I was unable to hear anything from the actual live stream. I had to replay the recording after it was over to find out anything that was said. And even then I couldn't hear everything because the audio was to loud for some and to soft for others. I think you need to give the ones doing the broadcast more time to figure out how to do the broadcast before making this a permanent thing. -LH
  3. i don't have any interest in this, I hope those who do have fun. If you need me to load in anything for it in the game let me know.
  4. everyone is welcome to my ts as long as you follow the rules in the lobby i usually have the lobby muted to those without permissions, but i have set it to allow you to talk in there. that way people can join and chat even if i am not online to give permissions -LH
  5. i offer my ts for use at capacity is 50 -LH
  6. my ts is at, all are welcome while DI's is down

    1. LightningHawk


      and its down again


    2. Silicate
  7. want to play Ark with me? Here's the info about the ARK servers.


  8. congratz everyone
  9. happy birthday


  10. Does this mean I will finally get that all elusive companion shield ? you know that thing I skipped by being an officer right after initiation 3 years ago, lol.
  11. Got  new computer, not enjoying the hassle of downloading everything, but am enjoying the new device. It's an i7 processor with a 1060 gtx graphics card, and 16GB RAM.

  12. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's


    1. Kay


      thanks :)

  13. Most Active Member: @Aralornx Most Talkative Member: @Protaygo Most Approachable Member: @aralornx Most Respected Member: @sairane Most Loyal Member: @cindersknight Funniest Member: @Crix Friendliest Member: @Aralornx Best Recruiter: @Protaygo Best Mentor: Most Underrated Member: @Synzz Biggest No Lifer: @Aralornx Biggest Silent Achiever: @matrix Most Likely to go to Jail: @Crix Most Likely to become President: @Warshach Most Potential Initiate: (Must be an Initiate or Future Initiate) @StormStrikerSX9
  14. Holey Shit I got a 100 on my English Final !!

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    2. LightningHawk


      @WarShachmost of my study time has been for the psychology class

    3. TheLoneEagle



    4. Synzz


      Awesome job congratz

  15. Celebrating 40 years of Star Wars!!!