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    Ty Knolz, Anni =D
  2. The Carlo Magno: @Gammaray (For expanding their civilization to the horizon and beyond) The Da Vinci: @Goldenrpgs (For those ahead of their time in both strategy and tact) The Irrelevant: @ELLoCoMoNo (Becoming a sheep among wolves and fearing the repercussions of a revolt) The Lobbyist: @BDSally (The most patient player when it comes to lobby simulator) The Neandertal: @rmjhonson144 (For those whose last greatest discovery was man made fire) The Cartographer: @Dasgutenbrat (A scout that seeks the map out the world and prove the world is round) The Khan: @Gammaray (The one who seeks to destroy the world and makes it theirs to rule over) The Diplomat: @Vindicate (For those who prefers the pen to the sword when it comes to resolving conflicts) The Silent Achiever: @TheSuperSoldier (The single player mode lover that is in an endless battle against the merciless AI) The Snitch: @JAMEStheGREAT3 (The one who finds it most necessary to keep tabs on the world powers and report back to the world congress) The Immigrant: So many choices... (The one who finds refuge next to other civilizations A.K.A The Forward Settler) The Monarch: @Dasgutenbrat (For those who make vassals out of nearby civilizations) The Man of Faith: @Chk (Guten can prove it :P) (For those who can never accept defeat and have faith that victory is near) The Barbarian: @Chk (For those who like to war) The Town Square Preacher: @Theragequitter (most obvious) (To whom never shuts up) I would like to add the following category: The Sorcerer's Apprentice: @MrPieisgood (The most skilled initiate)
  3. [Civ Night] 08/03/2017 Host: @knolz Map Details: Pangea, small, standard everything. Players: @knolz, @Chk, @ELLoCoMoNo, @Gruve, @Emberic, @MrPieisgood Rules: FFA, base game, all dlc. Winner: Nobody, the game broke to the turn 47 (nice war pie and gruve!) Game Time: 1.5h
  4. [Civ Night] 08/02/2017 Host: @knolz Map Details: Pangea, small, standard everything. Players: @knolz, @Chk, @ELLoCoMoNo, @Gruve, @rmjohnson144, @MrPieisgood Winner: @Chk, turn 112 CC to science and domination. Game Time: 4h.
  5. To win in religion, your religion has to stay in 50% of the cities of each rival (I think including the capital of each). It is a very difficult victory, but not impossible. To counter the religion of rivals you have to create a pantheon where your religion never falters or have inquisitors to return to the cities taken towards your religion. I hope you find it useful :)
  6. [Casual game] Date Played 13th of July 2017 (Game #1) Host: @JAMEStheGREAT3and @Chk Map Details: Island plates, tiny map Players: @JAMEStheGREAT3, @TheRageQuitter, @rmjohnson144, @Pouuz, @Chk Rules: Utopian Struggle Mod Winner: tie between @JAMEStheGREAT3, @TheRageQuitter and @Chk(the true winner :P) Game Time: Turn 90, 4hs
  7. BBQ Event

    Please remember to sign up on the weekend event. Ty :)
  8. I could not sign up earlier because I did not know if I was going on vacation, but if there is still a place... I can join you. [Rank] Captain Suitable Time Zone: +3 UST Steam link profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/chkjnn/ Have you read through the tournament rules and do you accept all the rules & repercussions?: Yes.
  9. Calendar needs updating.

    Sorry, it was my fault I did not update the calendar in time and form. I have no excuses, sorry.
  10. Civ friday night 6/30/17 Host: @ELLoCoMoNo Map Details: pangea, standard Players: @Chk, @ELLoCoMoNo , @BigJoe, steve226 , @KroII, @Gruve Rules: utopian struggle mod, standard ffa Winner: the game is broke at turn 62 Game Time: Turn 62 2.5 hours
  11. Casual A Help Desk

    Events of the weekend: CLAN EVENT: RSVP MANDATORY. Civ Night's Training Session
  12. [Casual game] 06/15/2017 Host: @racecarand @Chk Map Details: pangea, duel. Players: @racecar, @Chk Rules: 1v1 tournament ruleset, Utopian struggle mod, online speed. Winner: @Chk, domination turn 50 Game Time: 1h
  13. Casual A Help Desk

    Hi everyone, for any questions you have about feel free to share them here. Add me to Steam if you haven't alredy: http://steamcommunity.com/id/chkjnn/ Some Stuff to keep in mind: DI-VII June Objectives Trial Tournament Sign up for June 4th-10th June Tournament Ruleset June Awards Requirement REMEMBER: RSVP to all Clan events (Division incluide) so you don't get struck, I will link them in this thread. Please make sure to follow the thread or check often to see if there are new posts in case you don't get a notification. Be on teamspeak when you're online on Steam. If you have any suggestions for events outside of the usual Civ Night games, let me know! I hope to be of use to all. You can count on me for whatever. Cheerz!
  14. [Rank]: Captain Suitable Time Zone: ART (-3:00hs UTC/GMT | +1:00hs EST). Steam link profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/chkjnn/ Have you read through the tournament rules and do you accept all the rules & repercussions?: Yes.
  15. [CivNightUSFriendly] 3nd June 2017 (Game #1) Host: @PlasmaStudios Map Details: Small, No Mod, FFA, online speed Players: @PlasmaStudios, @HellWulf, @goldenrpgs, @alexa , @oliseo, @Chk Rules: 6 player ffa Winner: unfinished , plasma dc Game Time: 2.5 hs , turn 79