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  1. Not sure how up to date this is, but its been useful none the less with my first few games for a newcomer :)
  2. Cinnamon Bun Introduction

    Welcome aboard! Love the name Delan!
  3. ohhhh Helloooooo!

    Welcome to DI! What kind of anime do you watch? What's your favorite?
  4. Whatsup with your username?

    I got my username in my first year of college when I was 20. My sister gave me the idea because Aralorn was the main character of a book she was reading. Only ever added the x at the end due to unavailability :)
  5. Colour test; How well do you see colour?

    I got a 0 first try, perfect score :)
  6. What food are you craving RIGHT NOW

    ice cream, always ice cream.
  7. smite and many other various games i've bought and not tried out yet.
  8. Mobile Games?

    fall out shelter and words with friends.
  9. Microtransactions in games?

    I am with Anthony. I'm okay with cosmetic items, minor buffs, inventory space. However when it turns into pay to win the game is far less appealing.
  10. this is currently how I feel about my job: https://imgur.com/gallery/xAQSR

    1. Zezette


      Yeah, that's why i got a new job doing something entirely different

    2. Protaygo
  11. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

    courage the dog
  12. Hello every one

    Nice back story on your name! Welcome to DI!
  13. hello people

    Welcome to DI! Hope you make lots of new friends!
  14. Sounds like fun. Another PvP event I used to host that I loved doing was paintball using tranq arrows. Last man standing wins!
  15. Do you collect anything?

    You could say that I collect books with the amount that I read and listen to audiobooks, several bookshelves worth.