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  1. Sunday Inhouse Shenanigans Game modes

    Bump to get this list active again. If we keep having events like this, could someone pin this? @Enigma
  2. You are in the perfect location for me to play with. I am in gold so we'll have to play together sometime to see how well we do together. Don't forget to post an application, though. ;)
  3. Casual NA Event

    I'm hosting another event on August 18th, at 11pm GMT. This is for both NA and EU players. Please RSVP. @TomHadden @Falx @Yoshi @WhatsForDinner @joofcorn @Moleman @Siren
  4. Hello

    Welcome to DI! Hope you enjoy it here.
  5. Hey! I'm Highlife! (Max)

    Welcome to DI! Hope you enjoy it here. See you around TS.
  6. RileyDoTa Introduction

    Welcome to DI! Hope you enjoy it here.
  7. Absolutely befuddled why he would try to hit that.
  8. Suggestion !

    I didn't know. Sure, but I haven't been on in a while and I'm US East
  9. Suggestion !

    Here's what I use to look at mine. You can search by steam id. https://rocketleague.tracker.network/profile/steam/76561198027095424?utm_source=recentgames&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=recentgames
  10. Moi guys

    Welcome to DI! Hope to play together sometime.
  11. Excited for a new opportunity with DI

    Welcome to DI! Hope you enjoy it here.
  12. Hello!

    Welcome to DI! Hope you enjoy it here
  13. Longest overtime ever

    And I thought my 4:50 OT was long
  14. We need you guys!!!! :D

    Voted. Only 30,000 more to go