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  1. DI-V Event 2nd August!

    I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it, but I'll try my best
  2. New Community Montage [Best of DI]

    I got a feeling you meant May....
  3. (3v3) DI Championship Series EU Qualifier

    I'll team up with you if you're okay with that =D
  4. New Community Montage [Best of DI]

    Is it OK if I send you multiple files in one mail? If so, what should the subject be?
  5. Guess next person to post?

    Hmmmm.... how 'bout @Spaghetti?
  6. creating whatsapp group?

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to have separate groups for each team as well or nah?
  7. I enjoyed previous games we played together. Although they were casual games, I think I'd love to play comp with you. Hit me up whenever you wanna do some games
  8. What are your hobbies outside of gaming?

    I actually don't do anything next to RL. Only addicted to watching YT and superhero series. Besides that, I'm an alcoholic, so maybe I could consider calling drinking a hobby. I do however enjoy learning new things but tend to give up after 2-3 tries, because I lose motivation quite easily (happened with Photoshop, After Effects, FL Studio, Ableton, languages, etc)
  9. Recording and Editing clips

    Is Windows DVR actually any good? Also, I did try using OBS but I can't get the settings right or something. Whenever I record and play it back afterwards, it looks like -20fps or something
  10. DI 2v2 Rocket League Tournament (LF helpers)

    I would love to be a commentator if possible
  11. Guess the movie!

    I actually might do just that tonight!
  12. Guess the movie!

    I actually got it from Borat. Can't really recall this moment in Puss in Boots
  13. ** A to Z - Eat or Drink

    @MadHatterI forgot how the alphabet worked for a second there :') Parmesan cheese
  14. ** A to Z - Eat or Drink

    @MadHatterInnit? Don't ask me how I even know that shit Kangaroo