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  1. Date: 05/06/2017 Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm BST Calendar Link: Detail: 3v3 ESL Ladder matches between Team Black Phoenix and multiple challengers Stream: Not streamed Roster: @edge300 @TheRandomSona @Ize Results: Team Black Pheonix vs ZSR-Esports - 2-1 Win Team Black Pheonix vs #GRD - 2-0 Win Current ranked standing is 5th out of almost 200 teams. https://play.eslgaming.com/rocketleague/europe/rocketleague/open/ladder-3on3-europe/rankings/#!?page=1
  2. Damage Inc Team A Go4RocketLeague Europe Cup #96 Date: 28th of May, 2017 Time: 2:00 pm CEST Calendar Link: Detail: Go4RocketLeague Europe Cup #96 Brackets and tournament info: Click me! Stream: None DI's Line Up : @edge300 @TheRandomSona @Ize Matches: TBC
  3. Date: 24/05/2017 Time: 6pm - 8pm BST Calendar Link: Detail: 2v2 ESL Ladder matches between Team Black Phoenix and multiple challengers Stream: Not streamed Roster: @edge300 @TheRandomSona Results: Team Black Pheonix vs EzPzWin - 2-1 Win Team Black Pheonix vs Cousins mit strassengeld - 2-0 Win Current ranked standing is 12th out of almost 200 teams. https://play.eslgaming.com/rocketleague/europe/rocketleague/open/ladder-2on2-europe/rankings/#!?page=1
  4. Roster = @edge300@TheRandomSona Scores to follow: vs Dogs of War Diamond 2:1 won vs Post Errror 2s lost 0:2
  5. Roster = @edge300 @DraplinJr @Ize [BIEM] 2 - 0 [DI]
  6. Heatwave and Biomass in the same week? Yes please. Thanks.

  7. Man those camera settings.... how do you feel your accuracy is with the 400 distance? I lose mine at anything above 270 Here are mine: FOV: 100 Height: 110 Angle: -5 Distance: 250 Stiffness: 1 Swivel: 10 Ball Cam: Toggle
  8. Well the spinning stuff can be for flair and to show off but it can also be used to hit the ball with an alternative part of the car and direct the ball where you want it to go if the direction you're flying in doesn't suit. I'd say that until you can hit the ball anywhere on the field at any height and get used to simple left and right direction I'd ease off on the air-rolls. Try and get these things in order and you'll be golden. Meet the ball in the air consistently, direct the ball consistently, rotate the car to direct the ball. If you can get the first two things down you'll be good to start having fun with the air-rolling and rotation ;)
  9. Best thing to do is run the practice mode in game but try and focus on practicing well. Once you start hitting the ball consistently then worry about direction, when you're able to hit the ball where you want it to go you should look up some other training packs as the practice shots are all set up perfectly (which never happens in game) Arials will come relatively quickly once you get the following down: Try and visualise where the ball is going and pick the spot on the arc where you want to connect with the ball. Try and meet the height of the ball as quickly as you can so that you can boost into it horizontally. Try and get your launch right, if you get the direction and angle correct on the launch, you'll need to use less boost to try and correct yourself. Don't go too fast while you're learning, once you get more consistent you can speed this up. Feather your boost once you have the height correct, you should be aiming to have a subtle corrections as possible (as point 3) Hope this all helps and good luck :)
  10. Ugh, rumble mode on starbase alpha.... :(
  11. Sounds like input lag, are you using a controller? Have you changed how the controller connects to the system or changed anything in the settings/drivers etc? Edit: Wait, you said driving on ice? As in skidding around the place? :/
  12. Here you go :) http://wiki.teamliquid.net/rocketleague/List_of_player_camera_settings
  13. FOV: 100 (removes fish eye lense effect of 110) Height: 110 Angle: -5 (lets so see a little bit over the ball for dribbling) Distance: 250 (My accuracy goes with over 280) Stiffness: 1 Swivel: 10 Ball Cam: Toggle
  14. I really enjoyed it on the PS but the whole matchmaking thing put me off. I'm looking forward to it as long as it's definiately on the PC. Probably wouldn't get it on the PS4 again.
  15. I've seen a few high rank people doing this, I'm down with Air Roll on LB but what is the benefit of moving boost to a RB?