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  1. Atlas Awards and Goodies!

    Ridiculous victory dancing time!
  2. Two true and a lie

    @LemonTree my guess about your statements is that the third one is a lie. I think I remember you saying something about your rapid ascension between S2 and S3. Here are my options, I can't miss a chance to boast about being a smart guy :D I was in top 10 best young mathematicians in Russia and nearly entered the national team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. When I was in the ninth form, I spent only 15 minutes to finish a final normally lasting 4 hours and got a perfect score. I learnt how to read when I was around 3.5 years old.
  3. Current Trion marketing company makes no sense to me for now. Instead of doing some advertising (I haven't seen a single Atlas ad and I believe I am a part of target audience) they try to get more money by adding buy-only skins, . The only reason to explain that is not having enough money or wish to expand Atlas.
  4. Let's Play a Game

    Why are you always so lucky with badges? These 0 support cornerstone and 3 death exemplar would be funny if it wasn't so sad. And your only badge should be gold, not bronse.
  5. Say Hi!

    Come on, I'm upset no helicopters arrived. I mean, when else would you get the opportunity to fly by helicopter? The burns are certainly not a thing you want on itself, but if you take them for granted, you will want to travel by air.
  6. Dark side of Ranked

    Hmm, looks like I see why our points of view are different. If a community is split into "bad guys" and "not so bad guys" (let's not talk about the criteria yet, it's not that important), there is a problem with bad guys ruining everyone else's games. You want a system that somehow makes bad guys better, I want the system to slap bad guys to discourage such behaviour. Creating a system of your type is surely a difficult task with high risk of making everything even worse. Not only it is not easy to differ a relapsing ruiner from mr. bad hair day, but it's also very difficult to create a universal method of reacting to their actions. A system of my type is something that should be implemented in any social group and, luckily, there are no problems with creating it. It can be a soft version to ensure it's not backfiring, but it's reckless to leave a community in anarchy. That means that the real question is not whether ruiners should be punished or not, but how the punishment should be executed. For now I don't have the answer. P.S. Utility is a way to measure how much you like something. The more you enjoy something, the more utility you gain from it. Unlike abstract things like happiness, utility can be measured. If speaking rude, a sandwich you are ready to buy for $2.39, but not ready to buy for $2.40 brings you the same utility as $2.39 in cash, same with all other goods you own. But getting utility is not the same as getting money, e.g. if you work 15 hours a day, you are getting more money than if you worked only 8 hours, but much less utility (if wage remains the same). When we are talking about utilty, we are usually trying to determine how much an economical agent is happy if they purchase a certain pack of goods (e.g. a single left shoe or a single right one brings you utility around zero, but together they can be much more worthwhile). Now we have the tools to measure happiness and we can say that all agents in an economy are maximising their personal utility. Why did the businessman cross the road? Because he's about to get more utility on the other side. That might look complex, but in general utility is the same as pleasure, just countable.
  7. Dark side of Ranked

    @MiaVIII That was really impressive, but the ending is feeling flimsy. Firstly, you are very lucky if you meet toxic people in just 3-4% of the games. I play Ranked a lot and for me the rate is 7-10%, but I can be wrong with the values since they are subjective. Secondly, you are wrong about determining which result is pleasant and which is unpleasant. The only thing that Atlas players want is to get the most utility (or fun in current stage, that's true) per time spent playing. Toxic players provide a negative external effect and must be penaltised for it to maximise total utility. If that means making someone like BetterThanU leave the game, then so be it. Thirdly, having no big cash prizes is no excuse for not adding the ban system. There is PvP for casual players and Ranked for competitive players. For now it's not working exactly like this (you often get unbalanced comps in PvP and have no fun playing such games), but that's another question. Sorry if my style is too oppressive for you, I just wanted to have a good discussion and nothing else.
  8. Poorly Drawn Atlas Fanart

    I suppose it's from the depths of DeviantArt, so neither.
  9. Poorly Drawn Atlas Fanart

    Yep, here is the full version:
  10. Dark side of Ranked

    Believe it or not, but I've just lost a game cause our Aurora got mad after being told to pick the unstoppable mod against Helio next time and started inting. However I believe that was the only time I saw someone throwing a game after character select. The biggest problem of Ranked is not ruiners, but low activity turning it into gambling.
  11. Updated the description for Putrid Spray section.
  12. I usually trade in early game and escape in late game, no matter what role I'm playing.
  13. Good job summing up the basics! @MrSfke do you think the guide should be moved to Strategy Discussion?
  14. The club of those who got all accolades with Phaedra is welcoming their third member!
  15. Twitch Streamers

    Found'em https://forum.dmg-inc.com/topic/40405-approved-content-creators/