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  1. You can find the explanation inside the linked topic.
  2. My Elle build is nearly the same, except for the fact I'm using 15 shields mod on Overcharge. This makes the ability a great tool to escape or prepare for a damage burst if you can hit only one enemy this turn (15 dmg blocked + 10 extra * 2 = 35, single hit is only 30 plus healing is more valuable than damage). I often use http://wiskerz.me/arbuilds/#elle:01133 as well. @LemonTree can you share your aggro Phaedra build? I'm very curious about it.
  3. Major blocks of text got hidden under spoilers for easier navigation.
  4. Nice guide you did there! I suggest adding a little paragraph about following. It's very important that a following freelancer is moving directly to the character's ending spot even if it is out of your team's line of sight.
  5. I have been thinking about it in terms of predictions. Here is how I see it. Stage 1: shoot everything within your reach. Stage 2: shoot everything, but giving low priority to targets forced to dash. Stage 3: shoot everything, low health dashers are not made main targets, but securing kills is highly recommended. Stage MAX: understand that both escaping and staying strategies are possible and act randomly unpredictably. Same can be made in other aspects of gameplay, e.g. newbies go where they want, experienced players try to stay close to their team, pros neither split up nor cluster up. Perhaps being an excellent player is about balancing between aggressive and defensive strats, securing shots and securing kills etc.
  6. Two truth and a lie

    Hey, Queen is cheating! The first two statements are opposite so exactly one of them is true, meaning that the third is equivalent to "This statement is a lie", a paradox which is neither true nor false!
  7. Two truth and a lie

    My thoughts are #1 for @LemonTree and #2 for @MiaVIII and @TrachinusDraco. Though without any tips it would be #3 for Lemon and Draco. Shame on Mia for giving such a poor introduction, you, as a psychologist (I hate psychologists btw), should know that first impression is always overestimated. That's not much related to social psychology, but still... Nah, keep guessing. There is a funny story about that exam btw. I had an olympiad starting at the same time as the final and since the score didn't matter for me at all and education in Russia is rotting (all finals are super easy, but the one in Maths is mandatory and the only purpose it is made for is to show positive dynamics when children are getting more and more stupid every year), I decided to speedrun it and try beating the fastest perfect completion time. Things turned out even better than I expected :)
  8. Two truth and a lie

    @LemonTree my guess about your statements is that the third one is a lie. I think I remember you saying something about your rapid ascension between S2 and S3. Here are my options, I can't miss a chance to boast about being a smart guy :D I was in top 10 best young mathematicians in Russia and nearly entered the national team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. When I was in the ninth form, I spent only 15 minutes to finish a final normally lasting 4 hours and got a perfect score. I learnt how to read when I was around 3.5 years old.
  9. Updated the description for Putrid Spray section.
  10. I usually trade in early game and escape in late game, no matter what role I'm playing.
  11. Good job summing up the basics! @MrSfke do you think the guide should be moved to Strategy Discussion?
  12. The club of those who got all accolades with Phaedra is welcoming their third member!
  13. Fun fact that just made my game: if an enemy is standing on a powerup they can't pick, hitting them will give you the powerup. This probably also counts for Smash and Grab.
  14. I cannot completely agree with you. This mod is useful when you are going to use your Fate Transfer on low health targets, allowing them to absorb up to 40 more damage.
  15. I have a lot of questions about how Rampart's shield interacts with different actions. I know answers for some, but most remain a mystery to me. Question 1 (primary): if something bouncy hits the bulwark, it is considered blocked, but bounces, right? Same if the attack reaches the square, but not the inner circle representing a freelancer, right? Question 2 (AoE): Phaedra is standing next to Rampart and performing a Seismic Slam. Rampart is defending with a bulwark. Is the attack blocked and how much damage is Rampart taking if Phaedra is using Tremors? Same question if Phaedra is 1 square further. Question 3 (trap): Rampart is running Reflective Shield (I hate this mod because it's against "no damage in Prep Phase" rule) and using his bulwark. Grey is weakening him with the dart, then Titus is throwing a dagger into the bulwark. Will the reflected damage be weakened or not? Question 4 (dash): which of these dashes are blocked by the bulwark and which have halvened damage: partially blocked/formally not blocked Lockwood's/Oz's/etc. damaging dash from the front/back of Rampart, Celeste's/Gremo's dash through the bulwark, Elle's tumble into Rampart's spot with a shot not touching the shield, PuP's dash on Rampart, Tol-Ren's ult into Rampart/somebody other behind the shield, Blackburn's dash into an occupied slot such that the attack was planned to bypass the bulwark, but the ending spot is in front of it, Phaedra's dash through the shield, Titus' dash into Rampart/near Rampart through the shield, Garrison's dash? Question 5 (ultimate): which of these multi-hit actions ignore the shield, which deal no damage, but apply the effect and which are completely disabled by the bulwark: Aurora's Ion cloud, Aurora's Healing Flare knockback, Khita's shield, Dr. Finn's and Helio's ability jumps, Dr.Finn's ult, Quark's Gamma Ray, Quark's tether ping, Orion's/Meridian's/Blackburn's abilities aimed intersecting / not intersecting the bulwark, Celeste's/Kaigin's smoke bombs, Oz's trap, Gremo's Splort, Gremo's ult hitting a cell with bombs thrown on both sides of the bulwark?