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  1. The Greatest Roast In Gaming History

    Can someone provide context / explain please :D
  2. New Crosshairs

    I just use the default crosshair anyway. Still have 100% accuracy with mercy staff.
  3. Stupid Stuff that I Did: Part 3457986

    I've tried to res people as ana before, it's all good
  4. Let's gather some info about our division

    Suuurrre you didn't
  5. Clicking on topics broken for anyone else? (Gives http 500 error) @Falx

  6. Happy Birthday Jedwayne!!!!

    Happy Birthday Jed! (also, I moved this to discussion for you, announcements are for club related things and nobody seems to ever check them)
  7. SR LEADERBOARD--- UPDATED August 8/15/17

    Sure. Hidden or deleted? Will do when I get home.
  8. SR LEADERBOARD--- UPDATED August 8/15/17

    How so? The SR and Level are the only things I'm really looking at.
  9. SR LEADERBOARD--- UPDATED August 8/15/17

    updated (Sorry if I missed some people!)
  10. Every ROM For Pokemon White Is Removed...

    @13thShade I have a black ROM. Unfortunately, it isn't patched, so you do need to manually patch it using an action replay code (don't have it off the top of my head, should be able to find it by googling around. If you don't patch it, you won't get any experience.) I can send it to you if you want
  11. Lootbox Changes

    I like the new update, maybe once the game gives me all the fucking profile pictures in the world it might start giving me other things. Like skins. Just maybe though.
  12. First Win

  13. [Minecraft] OP prison server beta testers wanted

    Sure. I don't really know what a prison server is though
  14. Where are you from?

    New York :)