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  1. My pc is all f'd up

    Shouldn't be a virus, I have not used the pc for anything but playing :D I do everything else with either my imac or my laptop.
  2. My pc is all f'd up

    Oh yeah :D sorry :p But it is cleaner than most of my tableware I eat my food on so that's not the problem. But thanks for the suggestion :)
  3. My pc is all f'd up

    Well I tried to do some cleaning but I dont think that's the problem because 95% of the memory is free :D
  4. My pc is all f'd up

    Hello my mates. Two days ago (that was Tuesday) I was getting ready for the Team E training. Ts didn't recognize my mic, I have no idea why. I tried everything but nothing worked. Then I just decided to go with it and launched RL. Even the menu felt laggy so I went to free play. I had like one frame every two seconds. So something fishy is going on with my pc. I tried to update my drivers and did everything else I could without basically formatting the whole pc. I'm going to send my pc to service this week. They told me it would take like 2-3 days but the service shop thingy is on the other side of Finland. That means that the shipping will take like a week. This forum is basically my only way of communicating to you guys and gals so if you need me, just PM me or something! Let's hope I'll get my pc back soon :)
  5. What item do you want the most in Rocket League?

    I've been using the Santa hat for almost a year and an half now. If i could get it in any other color than the standard red, i would be the happiest human being ever :D but that's in real life. in rocket league i think heatwave
  6. Hours played vs Rank

    I have played almost 850 hours now and I was a grand champ last season. I think it was somewhere around 750h played when I got to GC the first time =)
  7. it's actually most useful when you are coming off the wall and in high level dribbling! just remember to delay your dodge and lean in to the ball =)
  8. Which car are you using? it's a lot easier with longer cars such as breakout, batmobile and dominus. Octane for example is harder car to flick with.