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  1. If anyone is interested, Anything Anime Event from DI-III will start in about 40 minutes!


  2. Good luck trying to get your team to comply with this comp in a regular comp game.
  3. As Pharah, when you encounter an enemy soldier or McCree always go up behind them if you can and immediately pounce on them. Sounds kind of dumb but when you pounce they won't have enough time to turn and kill you, and you can get an easy direct hit because they will usually be standing still, and then follow up with another shot. Remember direct hits do 120, so second shot won't be as difficult.
  4. lol, I watch rhykker and ohnickel. They are pretty good. :D
  5. Tiny Rick or Pickle Rick?

    Pickle Rick always, he's too good! :)
  6. Oooo, Drifters is good, I'm waiting for the 2nd season of that, it's taking forever to come out... That's Insane, I could never do that. I run a single mile in like 10 minutes, I'm not sure if that's good but I'm pretty sure it's not.
  7. 28 miles? isn't that like 2 miles more than normal marathons? I can barely run a mile...
  8. RE: Zero is the best anime I've watched in a while. kind of want to watch it again :D. But yeah, anime, Overwatch, TF2, and being an overall nerd is my strong suit. oh, and do you mean pyrotechnics like setting things on fire?
  9. I added you as well :D
  10. midnight dreary, while (wonder if anyone knows this poem?)
  11. Explain the difference to people

    That is definitely right, I know what you mean :p
  12. First PC Game?

    Mine is TF2, great game! One of the best! But I think I can remember before that, when I was like 8 to 10, I played Runescape. But only for 20 minutes or so.
  13. Any good ecchi?

    You got me there :D
  14. Any good ecchi?

    YES! Unless you like that sort of stuff, don't watch it. I heard about it, haven't seen it myself either, but I am not touching it with a 10 ft pole.
  15. Any good ecchi?

    You know, it has been a while but I used to love stuff like this. :p I think my favorite of this genre is Heavens lost property. Really good and really funny! And do not look this up unless you want to blech your eyes afterwords.