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  1. @KetchupplantDid you do that just to get the message or...? XD
  2. If you liked the DI-X Anime Events, vote on this poll please! 


  3. No Guard Fissure Machamp lol
  4. Agreed dude
  5. That's nice, my man. Keep posting stuff if you ever record some more!
  6. I play piano so it's kind of a given. Let's seee... I also love Chopin @Meowand my favorite pieces by him are: The first one I can actually play, the second one is just nice to listen to
  7. I have a feeling we're gonna be great friends Yes!!!!!!!!
  8. During the DI-X Officer Meeting Today-

    "OK guys I think we need to chill out on the meme posts until next month..."


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. PrincessRex
    3. Roxas


      Darn it I missed the meeting. Darn you sleep!!!

    4. KillerSlo


      we can't live without dank memes :(

  9. Look up OKAMI. It's kind of niche, but I love it
  10. May you always read the Terms and Conditions. (Only mildly inconvenient)
  11. *looks at your profile picture* Anyways I'd be up for a battle anytime, just let me know!
  12. I'm sorry. I feel super bad for asking now :X
  13. That Gengar set is beautiful. But your opponent also played very poorly lol
  14. Does this mean you lack a moral compass? I'm curious about this line of thought...