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  1. I can't wait for PUBG to not work on my new computer due to optimization or some bs
  2. the only thing bad about me when playing ADC is my team but real talk nice guide :)
  3. Gold teammates are better than super-silver (plat) teammates
  4. You don't want that I'm not good in the meta rn
  5. Gangplank Because $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  6. How to find out if you are dumb in 3 simple steps.

    1. Name your forum name after an area of science 2. Say that your Lee Sin is godly when that is the farthest from the truth 3. Get a 90 day probation
  7. Super predictable combos/abilities, undertuned, teammates buy items way too early (level 13 isn't really going to help that, that's still 2nd item). Overall I think he needs some more work before he's meta, but if you enjoy him go ahead and play him I just hate seeing teammates play him in ranked.
  8. Hello all

    You're fine, it won't be overlooked just takes some time (will probably be responded to sometime this evening)
  9. Fus RO dah in real life

    stop it in the name of the jarl
  10. music

    I imagine I'm pretty annoying, constantly yelling at my team through voice chat. People imitate and make fun of me so prob not good :(
  11. Favorite food... GO!

    Poutine even though I can't eat it
  12. Fus RO dah in real life

    My only friend in 2012 was Skyrim... ...still is
  13. I can't handle more than 2 or 3 games in a session, I tilt even when we win.
  14. Fus RO dah in real life

    wait it's 2012 again?
  15. No I meant what I said
  16. Hmmm but Bomb King isn't on here?
  17. MOTM these days

    The silver isn't nearly as bright >:(
  18. [SPOILERS] The World of Attack on Titan

    Yeah the tone/style has definitely changed, but the focus on development and politics is intriguing to me
  19. [SPOILERS] The World of Attack on Titan

    I went back and reread the entire series after that chapter lmao
  20. [SPOILERS] The World of Attack on Titan

    idk, him in the latest chapter seems promising, he looks to have matured a fair bit
  21. [SPOILERS] The World of Attack on Titan

    Reiner has the least amount of time left pretty sure (a year or two I think after the timeskip, maybe less) Eren still has a few Armin has nearly a decade
  22. [SPOILERS] The World of Attack on Titan

    I mean, by the time season 3 ends, manga will be well into it's next arc, so maybe they'll be able to fit it into season 4 if they wait a year like they did with s3 I have a feeling this next arc will be long though as it's getting a whole prep arc for character/world building beforehand