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  1. Summary: The Damage Incorporated League of Legends Championship Series (DILCS) is a new project designed to bring in-house competitive drive into DI League of Legends, and will run for it's first season as a North American League of Legends round robin regular season followed by a playoff period for the highest placing teams, with a prize pool to be announced in the official post. Structure: - The regular season will take place over 8 weeks, followed by 2 weeks for playoffs, each team will play one best of 3 match weekly - A feature match each week will be streamed on the DI twitch channel, and will be casted, each team will be featured AT LEAST once in the regular season - Application due date/season start date TBA (likely to be November). Rules: *A complete compendium of DILCS rules will be released in the official post, but here is a summary* - This is not limited to DI-VI/DI-XI, it is open to any officer/member/initiate of DI who can play on NA servers during the evenings - Teams are required to sign-up with and maintain a roster of 5 starters and AT LEAST 1 substitute player - DI-VI/DI-XI competitive teams must sign up as their team if participating, and the members on that team must join if wanting to participate - Matches may be played at the time best available for both teams that week, with the exception of feature matches and playoff matches which will always take place on weekends at a scheduled time The Application: APPLICATIONS ARE TO BE SENT IN A PM TO @DrPhilandChill AND @Eastonn8 Teams (Only the Team Leader needs to fill this out) *NOTE: TEAM ROSTERS MAY BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME, BUT CHANGES MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 72 HOURS BEFORE A SCHEDULED MATCH* Example application: This start date for this event will be announced when enough interest is gathered, and enough people are in the LoL divisions for it to have 4-8 teams
  2. A PM will be started tonight for anyone leading a team for this league, I'll be starting to officially create rosters on the events site tomorrow, if you wish to be added to this PM let me know. We'll be going for an early December start date
  3. Show Me Your Battlestation!

    I'm rockin a 20 year old file cabinet as a desk, a stock $5 keyboard that I've used for 3 years without issue, and a Magic the Gathering playmat as a mousepad so I'll spare you the photo
  4. How many likes can this potato get?

    I don't know about likes, but he's a real spud
  5. Gotta give it to my boy Gangplank, although I've gotta give honourable mentions to my boys Ahri/Nidalee and MF.
  6. Welcome to DI

    I'm not a good peep but I'll play League with you :^)
  7. Enigma Revealed?

    top 10 anime plot twists
  8. Sounds cool, if you're referring to the DI trailer, that was @Enigma
  9. Anyone got VR?

    I got this new VR system called "outside" recently, but I haven't had much time to play it.
  10. These are great, I agree header images add a lot of flair to an event, so having them on all events would be awesome. I'll edit these into the events I've posted, maybe you could do some for Pokken in your free time :^)
  11. Been theorycrafting for GP pages Tree benefits: Precision: Provides mid game dueling tools, but is generally the weakest tree in my opinion to go into, especially for the keystone. Domination: Provides extra burst damage as well as access to lifesteal without building any, something which GP does not usually do unless you go for a death's dance. Sorcery: Core tree, due to it providing scorch and other tools, but should be the secondary path as the keystones don't really fit with GP's kit. Resolve: Best tree for unfavorable match ups, provides esse ntial lane sustain that scales well into late game. Inspiration: Best tree for favorable match ups, provides a wide variety of utility as well as value, and if the damage or sustain is not needed, it's a very good tree to go primary or secondary in. This tree is to be used in most even/slightly favorable match ups where you are able to Q spam without being bullied out of lane. PRIMARY PATH Inspiration Kleptomancy: Provides gold and sometimes consumables (which are sell able) that help you reach power spikes like Triforce and it's components earlier, also fits into the Q spam play style in top lane GP. Biscuit Delivery: Extra sustain in lane, also sell able, the other options are too gimmicky. Future's Market: Essentially free gold, helps you buy items when you are a couple hundred off if you had a rough lane, you don't need the extra damage on minions and the boot mastery is terrible value, and you don't lack MS on GP. Cosmic Insight: CDR is a very valuable stat on GP, the MS towards impaired champions is not needed with the MS you receive from your passive, and the +100 health is a situational option if the lane match up is very poor. SECONDARY PATH Sorcery Scorch: Adds true damage to your Q spam, obvious choice, works on your R. Gathering storm is a late game option but is not needed. Manaflow Band: Helps with GP's early mana problems, allowing a free orange or ultimate every 60 seconds, and allows you to start something other than a mana sustaining item like corrupting potion or Doran's ring and allows other options. This tree is to be used in hard lane match ups (Fiora, Pantheon, Jayce, etc). PRIMARY PATH: Resolve Grasp of the Undying: Old grasp was very good against these match ups previously, this is just a buffed version, helps out with the early lane and transitions well into the late game. Font of Life: Works on your barrels and your R, I don't know how good the pseudo-rift herald rune is, but it likely isn't needed with the already present tower damage you have, the tenacity rune can be taken situationally. Conditioning: The clear best option of the 3, unless you desperately need the armor in lane, which is very possible against Pantheon, Jayce, Fiora, etc. Second Wind: Helps with the match ups where you are heavily poked out, overgrowth is another option that also plays into your late game health pool. SECONDARY PATH 1: Inspiration Biscuit Delivery: Provides extra health pots throughout the lane, which in these match ups is always appreciated. Cosmic Insight: CDR is a valuable stat on GP, last season you almost always took the +5% mastery. SECONDARY PATH 2: Sorcery Manaflow Bond: Allows you to have free oranges while you Q harass/farm if you can't auto. Transcendence: Allows 40% CDR with Triforce and Ghostblade, allowing you to go Ninja Tabi or other boot options instead of Lucids Scorch: Allows you to counter the damage you are receiving with some extra true damage on your Q, can help ease the pressure, but gathering storm is an option if you'd rather just tough the lane out and reach late game faster. Other keystones I need to experiment with: Electrocute: Old crit GP almost always took thunderlords, it provided extra damage in lane trading and extra ultimate burst damage. Although electrocute does not proc on your ultimate, it still provides burst damage in short fights. Allows access to the domination tree which is valuable. Aery: Extra Q damage that scales with AD, but you cannot proc the shield as self-healing does not work with it. Arcane Comet: Extra poke pressure in lane, but is easily dodge able unless you slow them with E, Q spam procs it and reduces it's CD. Press the Attack: Seems like a cheesy win-more option if you're against a tanky team where you can get multiple autos off, but is more of an ADC keystone.
  12. Moment of silence for the 1% crit rune, it will be missed.
  13. Add me I'll be down to help you out, name is the same as forum
  14. What is your favourite youtube channel right now?

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK08n_HCY2WbUmBFB_McM-g Gotta be my fave rn.
  15. Not live on NA for 4 more hours :(
  16. Tell me Best movies, that made you hyped AF

    Shrek 2 features an engaging script portraying a story rich with action, heartbreak, and redemption. With award winning acting from people such as Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), and Larry King (Ugly Stepsister) it tells an intriguing tale of fantasy and wonder. The main character of the movie is Shrek, an ogre with a heart of gold who just wants to live happily ever after, but is cast aside and bullied by angry mobs and Fiona's family in the film. Shrek learns to overcome these obstacles, and the characters that even if you're a little different from the norm, you can still live happily ever after, and you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are. Shrek and Fiona learn that they love each other as ogres, and don't need to be human, they just have to be themselves. Shrek is not alone in this tale though, with fan favourite characters like Donkey and Puss in Boots, the Shrek squad is one of the most memorable teams in anime. On first viewing, Shrek 2 may seem like a children's movie, but the deep characters and plot really engage the viewer, hooking them on the humour, action, and raw emotion the film portrays. Shrek 2 will go down as a masterpiece in my opinion, and many others as well, and if you wish to view Shrek 2, you can find it on Crunchyroll. So in summary, Shrek 2 does make me hyped af, and I'm looking forward to season 2.
  17. School sucks

    It allows your maths to be quick
  18. Beautiful people

    Are you assuming my genus
  19. I'm ready for my rune refunds :^) Might break 100k