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  1. Just Draven, the Kog'Maw one is 10 gemstones btw.
  2. For mechanical/game knowledge improving? I'd say solo. Psychologically for most people, duo queuing with a friend or dedicated duo will make you blame your team more than yourself, it's easier to rat on a particular member not doing well on your team when you have a friend to support you doing it, and you never call each other out for these things. When you blindly accuse your team without looking at your own mistakes, you improve much slower, and all you're getting out of that game is a loss in motivation and LP, biting the bullet and looking more at your own game play is much more efficient if you are improvement-focused. In contrast, I feel duo queuing helps your teamwork skills faster than solo, as you are almost always in voice communication with your duo partner, and you can more easily set up plays for objectives because of this, you also are familiar with how they play and they aren't a random, this is obviously even better in 5 man flex queue.
  3. A PM will be started tonight for anyone leading a team for this league, I'll be starting to officially create rosters on the events site tomorrow, if you wish to be added to this PM let me know. We'll be going for an early December start date
  4. Show Me Your Battlestation!

    I'm rockin a 20 year old file cabinet as a desk, a stock $5 keyboard that I've used for 3 years without issue, and a Magic the Gathering playmat as a mousepad so I'll spare you the photo
  5. How many likes can this potato get?

    I don't know about likes, but he's a real spud
  6. Gotta give it to my boy Gangplank, although I've gotta give honourable mentions to my boys Ahri/Nidalee and MF.
  7. Welcome to DI

    I'm not a good peep but I'll play League with you :^)
  8. Enigma Revealed?

    top 10 anime plot twists
  9. Sounds cool, if you're referring to the DI trailer, that was @Enigma