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  1. DI vs The World

    so who won?
  2. Looking for the Boys

    are you replacing us you bastard
  3. Are you guys keeping it PC?

    Your shitposts are declining from the marginal quality they started with cha
  4. Legendary guide put this shit on mobafire
  5. Favorite Meme?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  6. Favorite Meme?

  7. (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion

  8. The giant costs 1 less for each minion frozen this game, the "overloaded mana" was a mistranslation or maybe the frozen part is a mistranslation who knows some sites say one thing some say the other
  9. I could counter-arguments in no particular order; Drakari Defender: You're paying 6 mana over two turns for a 2/8, Deathlord was good against aggro because generally they wouldn't pull a large minion most of the time, but when you play this you don't get a turn 4 and you can't have dead turns against aggro, I think the downside is worse than Deathlord because it's consistently worse on average against aggro, and spirit wolves is just a better card for the purpose of this card. Uther of the Ebon Blade: I think you're focusing too much on the hero power, you aren't playing this card for the horseman win condition, you're playing it to stabilize for the late game in a control-style paladin deck, the horseman effect is just a bonus win condition that may or may not be met. You get 10 healing (5 from the weapon hit, 5 from armour) the turn you play this, and receive 10 more healing over the next two turns as well as a hero power upgrade (which is relevant even without getting four in play, 2/2's are much better than 1/1's). Thrall, Deathseer: The hero power can be used to full heal a medium/large minion after you trade with it, if fighting from an even state/when ahead it's one of the better hero powers, but may be sometimes useless when behind unless you have two mana to reroll a minion you play. I can put some more useless opinions later but busy rn
  10. I'm a pretty big fan of this one, but you can't really go wrong with desks, just pick one that fits your style and living space! And yeah the new cards are pretty cool, I've pre-ordered the expansion already.
  11. Try duoing with a solo laner to have another trusted lane?
  12. Don't go to cha unless you desire to fall back to gold Memes aside you just got to keep it cool and consistent, you aren't going to win every game so moving on and accepting that the losses you get won't stop you from climbing if you keep a steady consistent winrate
  13. spam annie also try @chathesilverhe does free coaching up to D2
  14. Mentor Needed

    Hey, PM me or bug me on TeamSpeak, happy to answer any questions.
  15. Yo yo yo, Commander 2017 spoilers are coming out! What cards are you excited to see and what are you hoping will get reprinted?

    I'm looking at building an honorable combat / code of chivalry deck with Mirri, running fight cards, equipment, stuff like that.

    1. reaperchrisxi


      I want to get the dragon deck. 

    2. nitrodog96


      I've already got a deck built for The Ur-Dragon, actually! It's pretty suboptimal and TIMMY SMASH-like, but... http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/25-05-17-obE-the-ur-dragon/

    3. reaperchrisxi


      Nice. I'm going to get all four decks and an extra of the cats deck for my friend