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  1. I decided i want to learn jungle

    hit me up for jungle
  2. Gold Struggles.

    If you want any help feel free to message me on league
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    what da heck is this
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    Here I am
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    New fone, who dis
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    Boo, u noob
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    Hi, am here
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    Noob = Cha
  9. One trick Yi main here, bans sejuani every game, never been destroyed by sejuani, AMA
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  11. Filling my friends list.

    Would love to play with you but I'm not sure this is the right place for this topic.
  12. @DrPhilandChill, I joined this clan under a different name which was "xxYolo___Swagxx" but I can't remember but was in the middle. I also don't remember what number coems after 419, I also cant remember what time 1620 is when translated from military time to PM time, also how many posts do you have? Thanks for your time, Yolo.
  13. Is this where the cool people are

    Eyyy, theyre back