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  1. Theres an actual sub-forum for this for full members
  2. Civ should be on the summer sale right now at around 40% for civ 6 if I remember correctly and. Civ V is probs also on sale but I haven't checked. You probs won't get cheaper for a little while
  3. Then start catching up now !!! 😂
  4. This is why you need a big group for rust. When I played with DI-I people, it's been somewhat easier
  5. Thermal paste is probs what I need to do thanks guys. Gonna find a YouTube video on it 😂
  6. Definitely go watch it all its so good
  7. It was a great first game Kudo. Welcome to DI and hope to see you again soon!
  8. Couldnt have phrased it better myself. Preach it!
  9. You got a price range?
  10. Here i am cant even 1 vs swimming
  11. Gotta love those delegations XD
  12. Wont need to spend $30 for 1 legendary anymore XD
  13. Religion Tier List: Sadly, most follower beliefs are mediocre or situational. This is important to state as ranking them becomes difficult. Therefore, for follower beliefs I will merely put them into 1. The Good 2. The Bad As the situation needs to be assessed by you. Name of Belief Effect Jesuit Education May purchase Campus and Theater Square district buildings with Faith. Reliquaries Relics have triple yield of both Faith and Tourism. Zen Meditation +1 Amenity in cities with 2 specialty districts. Work Ethic +1% Production for each follower. Religious Community Shrines and Temples each provide +1 Housing. Feed the World Shrines and Temples provide Food equal to their intrinsic Faith output. Divine Inspiration All world wonders provide +4 Faith. Jesuit Education, Reliquaries, Zen meditation and Work Ethic are either useful for a victory condition or have enough flexibility to be considered good. Meanwhile, although religious community is not terrible, it is only really useful for cities you have holy sites in so unless you are Russia or are really going for the religious victory and need housing, it’s not all that helpful. Feed the world has the same problem and at the same time, faces the problem that going tall is not very useful. Divine inspiration is acceptable for a religious based game plan when you have lots of world wonders but the chances of this aren’t great so it is also placed in the bad. Worship beliefs have a similar problem: there is no point to them as they are worse than the founder beliefs and most of the building are pretty bad. At the same time, the difference in effects is not that great with different situations making different buildings at least viable when upgrading the religion. Belief Effect Meeting House +3 Faith; +2 Production Mosque +3 Faith; Missionaries and Apostles +1 Spread Religion charge Pagoda +3 Faith; +1 Housing6 Housing Synagogue +5 Faith Wat +3 Faith; +2 Science Cathedral +3 Faith; 1 slot for religious art Gurdwara +3 Faith; +2 Food Therefore, we are now left with the actual useful beliefs and therefore can make an appropriate tier list. These have a more clear set of tiers which will be: 1. God Tier – If you have the chance, get this. If your opponent has this -> cry. 2. Strong Tier – You can be pretty sure this is a good choice if the God tier is not available. However, do look at both this tier and average (situational) tier to make sure none of the options are better suited to your situation. 3. Average tier – Also called the situational tier, these aren’t necessarily bad choices and would be considered strong tier If you meet certain conditions. However, on average, they are not as relevant as those in strong tier so should be considered but not necessarily picked. 4. Trash tier – Often there is no point picking these even if you meet certain conditions and there will be better choices. These will be separated into Group 1 and Group 2 since one of each can be chosen: Group 1 Belief Effect Stewardship Each Campus or Commercial Hub district in a city following this Religion provides +1 Science or +1 Gold respectively. Church Property +2 Gold for each city following this Religion. Papal Primacy Type bonuses from City-States following your Religion 50% more powerful. Pilgrimage +2 Faith for every city following this Religion in other civilizations. Tithe +1 Gold for every 4 followers of this Religion. Lay Ministry Each Holy Site or Theater Square district in a city following this Religion provides +1 Faith or +1 Culture respectively. World Church +1 Culture for every 5 followers of this Religion in other civilizations Group 1 has some acceptable choices but generally it does not match up to the next group. However, that does not mean that going for an upgraded religion or even as the first belief that you should not consider these. Imagine they are in the same table as group 2, the only difference is you can choose one from group 1 and 2. Group 2 Belief Effect Defender of the Faith . Combat units gain +10 Combat Strength near friendly cities that follow this Religion Crusade Combat units gain +10 Combat Strength near foreign cities that follow this Religion. Itinerant Preachers Religion spreads to cities 30% further away. Missionary Zeal Religious units ignore movement costs of terrain and features. Scripture Religious spread from adjacent city pressure is 25% stronger. Boosted to 50% once Printing Press is researched. Holy Order Missionaries and Apostles are 30% cheaper to Purchase. Monastic Isolation Your Religion's pressure never drops due to losses in Theological Combat This group has defender of the faith. Get it. At all costs. After that there are some acceptable choices but really, Defender of the faith is the one to go for!
  14. @Gammaray, @Dasgutenbrat