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  1. Sounds good! And yeah, you basically have to emulate old games now because they're so hard to come by, unless they're on virtual console. I have a Switch and Zelda myself, and I have to agree that making that your priority is no mistake. That game is freaking fantastic.
  2. I don't know if it devalues ultra sun and ultra moon. It only makes sense that Nintendo would move one of their biggest series to their new console to boost sales, plus the graphics the Switch is capable of would set high standards for the new games. Personally, I'm a big Nintendo fan, and I like buying everything I can in order to support the company, so I tend to avoid emulators whenever possible. I'll be interested in the new 3DS games no matter what because I just want all the Pokemon I can get my hands on, haha. Anyway, if money is tight, and ultra sun and moon don't really interest you much, I would just save for a switch. Breath of the Wild is gorgeous on it and it's such an incredible game, plus Super Mario Odyssey will be coming out this winter, and more core Pokemon games will surely follow the new ones.
  3. I'm a big fan of Braviary, so it's nice to get some good set suggestions. Thanks for the info!
  4. Those are ADORABLE! I love them!! I have a ton of Pokemon plushes from when I was a kid in storage... But I even have a ton of newer ones on display in my room now. I would take pics, but... My shame...
  5. We were already the very best. LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS.
  6. Will do, friend!!
  7. I'll probably make a master shiny bragging thread eventually. ;P
  8. You totally should!
  10. You lucky duck you!!!! Oh man, I was thinking of hunting a shiny mareanie, but of course you have to chain corsolas for it. Congrats and I hope you find use for the shine! :D
  11. Wow, your luck has been great for the most part! I have awful luck with breeding- hatched over 1500 eggs this winter for a shiny stufful but never saw it. Gave up and found one 40 or so into an SOS chain. D :
  12. Oh man, yeah, I'm a huge OST fan. If I love a show/movie/game, you can bet I listen to the whole OST. All of the Pokemon battle music, especially wild/trainer/rival is classic imo. Those are all winners. Most recently, I've been listening to the SuMo OST so a lot of my favorites are from there. All of the battle music, Team Skull's music especially, and the Aether Foundation music is awesome af. Also, if you haven't heard this kazoo guy's covers of game music, you haven't lived.
  13. I have an idea of something you can do with them... > : D Just kidding, haha. I've tried the magikarp method, but I've always been a little wary of it. It worked out well for you?
  14. There's this scene in SuMo in Po Town where two Team Skull grunt girls are arguing over stealing the each other's shirts, but them not knowing whose was whose because the shirts all look the same. That's pretty self-aware and funny. Also, if you walk in on the scene playing as a boy, they get mad at you, but if you walk in playing as a girl, they say something like "ah, a cute girl overheard us!" and they get embarrassed.
  15. Awesome!! So you prefer breeding for them? My last SOS chain got me my yellow riolu! :D