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  1. Draft League?

    Eyyyy! You should join next time for sure, it's a lot of fun!
  2. Every ROM For Pokemon White Is Removed...

    Unfortunately, that's not true. Lack of production or sale has no effect on copyright. We don't have much of a choice with old games, which is a shame, but yeah, technically it's illegal. You can even read up on Nintendo's specific views on emulators here: http://www.nintendo.com/corp/legal.jsp#domain
  3. I'll See You In A Week!

    Have a good vacation, Shade! :D
  4. Gen 6 Umbreon Trade Back?

    @EviLazI have one!
  5. Rival Challenge Plahythroughs

    This sounds freaking awesome, Laz! Idea: This can be somewhere between a monthly game run event and a weekly event. People who are interested choose the game, and pair off into rivals. Then, they play that game for that period of time (maybe unrestricted?), and can attend weekly events where they can just all play together and chat about it while doing so. What do you think?? Ok I just saw Zach's reply, haha. But yes, I can make this work! Or maybe @TheLoneEagle if he'd like?

    Yeah, more forms will balance out this weird lazily designed extra. I'm all for a dawn/twilight form.
  7. Mewtwo

    I saw that happen to a person on YouTube the other day! But in a current game, where it's much easier to tell when your boxes are full. Anyway, that suuuuucks!
  8. yay!!!!!! shiny charm

    Pichu is a good first hunt; it calls for help constantly and doesn't have any annoying moves to hold you back. Plus, shiny Alolan Raichu is very cute.
  9. Can't read my poll

    @EviLazI was never even able to view it, which is beyond frustrating. :/
  10. the new lycanroc form

    Agreed. It's basically the laziest new form design I've ever seen... I know they were trying to do for a mix of the other forums, but this just looks stupid. On the other hand, it is a little exciting because this means we'll probably get more new forms or new Pokemon entirely. :D
  11. This is the thread where you all can post the shinies you get each month and admire them! This is not to be confused with the shiny contest, and posts here won't be considered for your entries. There are no rules here, but please post pictures anyway so we can all enjoy your shinies! :D @muntasirms@EviLaz@yourbrojake @nitrodog96@Floppymagikarp@TheRoanAsher@Parv@Jumpyvonvagabot@ShinyPageVandal Tagged my team members, but of course anyone else is free to post as well!
  12. Well, seems like it's about time to start up this month's shiny hunting contest! Not to be confused with the Shiny Get! Megathread. Now there are some rules this time, so please follow them if you want to enter! Rules: You must post a picture here of each shiny you submit, including its info of date of capture. These pictures must be able to be viewed to count towards your score. Tell the method used to obtain each shiny, otherwise I'll just have to guess. :0 Each shiny must be caught legitimately by you, within the month of August. Anyone can participate, not just the shiny team! The winner will be the person with the most points by the end of the month! The point system we'll be using is detailed below. It's based on a combination of odds and effort put in for each method. 0.5 points Chain Fishing Random Encounter 1 point SOS Chaining DexNav PokeRadar Friend Safari Horde Encounters 2 points SRing (Gen 6-7) 2.5 points SRing (Gen 1-5) And lastly, good luck and have fun! The winner will receive an honor star! @muntasirms@EviLaz@yourbrojake @nitrodog96@Floppymagikarp@TheRoanAsher@Parv@Jumpyvonvagabot@ShinyPageVandal
  13. Poll: DI-X, pick the shiny I will breed

    Shiny Aegislash... Blood red blade... Oh hell yes. Also, shiny rotom is amazing!!
  14. SHINY GET! Megathread

    WOAH!! NICE, ASHER! Love the blue buttons on the new 2DS too. Looks fantastic! Also keep that picture for when I make my new shiny contest post tomorrow. :D
  15. Read and understood. Let's have a good month, all!