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  1. Guess who's back!

  2. Minecraft

    No you can't
  3. Just got 2 new kitty's

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aralornx
    3. Matrix


      I am working on it


    4. Aralornx


      taking pictures of kittens -- its a worthy challenge

  4. Triple chocolate cake with peanut butter and fudge icing https://imgur.com/gallery/52b87

    1. AnimaLibera


      that looks really good!

    2. 13thShade


      ;-; RIP I'm allergic to peanuts.

    3. Aralornx


      it looks like a giant cookie

  5. Any good indie bands worth listening too

    Nickelback! XD
  6. What does your Ctrl+V contain?

    Welcome to DI-IX! Congratulations on making it through the application! Yay! In the beginning joining DI can be intimidating. Do not worry! It is not as hard as it looks. Here are a few reminders, tips, and resources to help you along the way! Important Reminders: 1. Login to the Forums every other day – After three days of inactivity the system will bump you to registered guest and you will have to reapply. Best thing to do Is to set the forums as your home page. 2. Be active in the community! The best part of DI is joining our community of 500+ members. Posting in the forums and hanging out with us in TeamSpeak is all a part of it and it will make your experience here more enjoyable. 3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions – I am always open to new ideas. Let your Team Leader, aralornx, or I know if you need anything. 4. Your Cohort will be starting in July, this means you will be assigned a mentor who is a member of DI who has already gone through the initiate process. They will be there to answer in of your questions and make sure you make the requirements in time to become a full member of DI! During this initiate process, you will have to get 50 post count and 4 events. It is easy, we run several events every week, just be sure you are checking the calendar!
  7. Rift

    Dark and light is money tho
  8. Rift

    when I am good and ready Hahaha
  9. Rift

  10. Rift

    ok, spread the word.
  11. Rift

    Starting over for the fun! Anyone that wants to start playing with us can...