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  1. A dank talk show

    I volunteer as tribute!

    Hell yeah, do this my dudes and dudettes.
  3. Pokemon League Challenge - August

    We'll come play on Showdown! :D
  4. Pokemon League Challenge - August

    @BlazeInfernape @ShadowLight284 @BootyDukes @muntasirms @StormStrikerSX9 @TheGamer777 @Koenkloo @nitrodog96 @Ketchupplant I just reset the badges, and fixed it so you can all award badges now. The first 8 someone earns will be the ones that show, and in the order they earned them. If you have been beaten earlier this month you will need to award/reaward the badge. In case you didn't know, you award badges like this: /awardbadge username
  5. Casual A Help Desk [August]

    Yes, but TY for doing normal duties too! :D
  6. Casual A Help Desk [August]

    Thanks @TheLoneEagle
  7. Greetings all, @Ketchupplant has asked to step down due to school coming up and wanting to refocus his involvement here. He will still be a member of Team A and a valuable resource as always for developing your VGC skills. He is a challenge-able gym leader this month and additional will be assisting in the administration of our Pokemon League and moderating our showdown server. Thanks for all that you have done for our community Ketchup and we wish you luck with school! In light of the above news I have appointed a new team leader for Team A. Please welcome your new team leader: @reaperchrisxi He has some great plans already for the team and in case you heard in rumor that VGC would become a casual team, we are lucky to have reaperchrisxi because he is providing us with the ability to keep it a competitive team, where it belongs. Feel free to reply or PM with questions. Glad to have you here @reaperchrisxi! Tagging VGC Team members:
  8. Competitive Singles Help Desk [August]

    Thanks @claduva
  9. What is your most neutral mon?

    Toxapex, cause everyone destroys me with it and I can't win a match with one to save my life.
  10. Dargon is back.

    Welcome back Dargon! Glad to see you again
  11. going to be doing a monotype run of sun

    Yes there are berries that reduce EVs pretty quickly. I wouldn't go with Dhelmise or Trevanent then, since the typing is exactly the same. I thought it might be, lol
  12. going to be doing a monotype run of sun

    ooh and a Dhelmise and/or Trevenant (but not if you use the shiny starter on the team)
  13. going to be doing a monotype run of sun

    I would definitely breed one for you, don't soft reset for it, totally not worth it. I can give you good IVs and proper nature at least. I vote you have Mimikyu on your team by the way, but I assume that one was a given.