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  1. 4:3 or 16:9

    lol way to dig up a nice old topic beast xD
  2. Got a sweet gameplay vid? Know some helpful strats for Inferno? Want to talk about the latest major? All of the above goes here. Everything CSGO goes here. Check back often for updates!
  3. This will be easier to manage. Look for division updates and announcements from command here. Enjoy it and use it!
  4. I need everyone in the Division to go to the following link and click "Join Club" This will replace our division subforum. I need all TLs to move their team topics to the team subforum in this club. @Windchill @IcarusV @Hannibal @Maverick @VoXonatoR @DieLabtec @Riki
  5. Happy Happy Bday @Riki!!!!!

    1. Riki


      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Oh how I have missed you all! Vacation time is over with and its time to get back to work!
  7. Extremely Bad Idea Matches

    ooooo sick burn
  8. For Mav

    We were...inverted.
  9. For Mav

    @Maverick Only because it is hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. "You! You're still dangerous. You can be my wingman anytime." "Bullshit! You can be mine!"
  10. I bought it when it was in a valley like it is now. I had hoped it would peak over 2300 which would have netted me a 700 profit after fees. Bah. I should have sold it at 2200.
  11. The market price has dropped 200$ in the last month. I picked mine up for 1500 and saw the market grow to over 2100 a few months ago. Should I bail now or do you guys think it will resurge after the next major?
  12. For Raven

    @MyNameIsRaven Happy birthday you glorious peice of man meat. May your awp shots be one and your jaun deags be many. May your nades be touchdowns and your 5ks be plenty. May your clutches come in time and your knife strafes be frenzied. May you play with no lag and 500 frames and no russkies, not any. Enjoy this special day you magnificent bastard.
  13. Game server space

    CSGO has 3 servers. 2 Private and 1 Public. We could always use more servers.
  14. hello killah u told me to PM u when I read ur message when u accepted me into di just thought I qould pop in and say hello

    1. 13thShade


      Um, this is a status update. PMs are in the top right hand corner. 10/10 for trying.

    2. KiLLaH


      Yeah buddy welcome to DI!

    3. Twisted


      13 I new but at least I tried