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  1. Awesome!
  2. One time I was Bronze 5 -1 LP cause i dodged one for the team...
  3. I like supporting, taking the damage, and helping get my ADC fed.
  4. Farmer Nasus with a Pitch fork.
  5. sometimes you can't post so many close together, sometimes theres a glitch with the forums. Sometimes it doesn't even show when I post something. Just space them out a little more, you still have a couple days.
  6. I was in the comic book store and they Peace Frog by the Doors jamming, so now that's stuck in my head.
  7. That about sums it up right there.
  8. Totally agree,however, I always get that ONE adc that keeps getting pulled by blitz... 1st time- OK, let slide 2nd time- ok man, watch out for blitz's pull 3rd time- WTF are you doing, watch TF out!
  9. Does anyone equate driving habits to how well a person plays League. I was at a stop light on my motorcycle make a right turn with a minivan in front of me. I was patiently waiting for them to turn and they sped off, so turned my head to left to see if I had room to go and i did, so I twisted the throttle and let out the clutch. And who and to slam the brakes, my passenger slammed into me, I almost hit the stupid mini van. The minivan decided not to go. I cocked my head and asked my passenger " that minivan went right? it wasn't my imagination?" she said " yeah , they went , then you started to go" I said " that minivan driver is probably a shitty league player" I know when I see a crappy driver like not going when it their turn at a stop light or driving slow in the fast lane, one of the first things that pop into my head is " he probably sucks at League"
  10. Main, Leona Secondary, Bruam, Soraka, Lux
  11. twitch is my main ban if our adc doesn't want him, then morg
  12. Wednesday Silver 5, Twisted Fate's Butchers lol
  13. I am not currently in a team but am interested in joining a ranked flex team or subbing for one. I main support, Leona Secondary Jungle, but better with tanking support champs.
  14. So on Friday I started in B1, went down to B2, then B3, then Sunday back to B1 again...