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  1. Hia! :D

    Nice intro. :p Sounds like a cozy village. Hope to bring my family on vacation to such a place someday.
  2. Wasaaap

    Welcome! Nordic elite, nice. :p
  3. So whats up

    Just sitting here getting curious if you did your application. ;-)
  4. Wassup my dudes! :D

    Welcome, Devin. Good luck in DI! :-)
  5. Hi everybody

    Ahoy! Great intro. :-) Im sure you will do great in DI.
  6. waduuuuup :)

    Welcome! Always nice to get more veterans. :p Hope to see you around.
  7. application

    Not a bad start. Post it here: https://forum.dmg-inc.com/forum/7-initiate-applications/ and you will get feedback on what to adjust. ;-)
  8. Nitro - That Guy From Canada

    Welcome, Nitro! Good luck with your initiation.
  9. Drunkler... one and only.

    Glad to see you back. Hope it works out with your membership.
  10. HEllooo

    Welcome! Hope to see you around in many games. :p
  11. Yo !

    Welcome, Neri. Nice to see you join. :-)
  12. Mikitsune introduction!

    Welcome to DI. Hope to see you around.
  13. Intro - Kudo

    Welcome! At least you are making the game more fun for those you play with then. ;-)
  14. Intorduction-CaptainKFC

    Welcome. Cant have too many of those. :-p
  15. Hello peeps!!

    Seems your english is excellent, so it should be no problem. Welcome. ;-)