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  1. Falx' Discover Daily!

    Shook is one of my go to artists for when I'm going to bed or right before, or when I just need some relaxing peaceful melodic tunes. This is probably one of my favorites by him.
  2. Falx' Discover Daily #4: Some relaxing tunes from Shook, his albums are amazing: 


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    2. Falx


      I'm doing a series where I upload a piece of underrated/not so well known music that I think is fantastic. People have been claiming music is dead and I'm going to prove them wrong with contemporary music in various genres :). 

    3. Folno


      fair enough

    4. MrSfke


      reports - master division registery


  3. Why You should always Get the TC...

    Hahahah that's gold right there, I can totally imagine @R3dl1ne pissing his pants after that one. By the way, @R3dl1ne are you like, always recording? It would be really cool if we got some Rust content on the forums or even the official DI YouTube channel. Speak to @Evani about that if you're interested, I can throw some ideas as well of course!
  4. Falx' Discover Daily #3: Manganas Garden - Slow it Down. Some good indie summer funk :D 


  5. Falx' Discover Daily!

    Let's go a bit funky with a feeling of summer. Manganas Garden is a personal funk favorite of mine, it's a small Swedish band that have been gaining some minor traction with the indie funk communities and multiple YouTube channels have been actively featuring them whenever they release something. Can't wait to hear more from them!
  6. Falx' Discovery Daily #2: Fiction Plane! Lead singer / bassist is Sting's son. 


    1. Folno


      did a chick dump u?

    2. Falx


      Chicks don't dump me Folno. You know this :e565168:

  7. Falx' Discover Daily!

    Speaking of relatives. The lead singer and bassist of Fiction Plane is Sting's son!! You can totally hear it in his voice and musicality. Big underrated band in my opinion, I've loved Fiction Plane since the day I first heard em and it's a big big recommendation if you're into a more rocky version of Sting.
  8. Website Design?

    I just added a new change to the home page's design
  9. I feel like I nearly died. I took a large sip of water, one that you swallow in 3 sessions. The first session went down the wrong alley, but I still had a lot of water in my mouth and no good place to spit everything out on. My dumbass mind decides in a moment of panic "JUST SWALLOW IT BEFORE COUGHING". 

    Do NOT do that EVER. It went down the wrong way too and the delayed coughing just became 100x worse. I coughed while not being able to breathe air, falling to the floor, puke coming up through my nose (probably coz my mouth was occupied spitting out water from my lungs) and now I'm on the floor with my phone, crying, belly feels like a trainwreck, puke in my nostrils and a small remainder of water still stuck in my lungs. 

    TL;DR: Took a sip of water, nearly died, crying on floor in pain. 

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    2. Enigma


      You should have unmuted your mic when it happened. What if you died, I should have at least called someone.

    3. Silicate


      Alright, I guess I'll add water to my list of things to avoid

    4. Folno
  10. Falx' Discover Daily!

    It's not easy to find more from Axel but he has one album on spotify at least that's pretty good. He has a couple of hidden videos that I might still have the link to, maybe I'll message him sometime and ask if he can unhide them :P
  11. The website is in Dutch but just watch the video (it's English), it's the funniest fucking thing I've seen (heard) in a long time


  12. Falx' Discovery Daily Day #1:


  13. Falx' Discover Daily!

    Hey everyone, I am hereby starting my Discover Daily. I will be uploading music that I think is either really fucking good and proves that music is not dead or music that is severely underrated and deserves a lot more attention. Or both. Usually both. I by no means claim I am some musical expert by any means, I just get sad when people unhappily claim music is dead. Good music simply is harder to find and mainstream music is too catered to short attention span of youth, using a certain formula for max profit. At least that's my TL;DR version of it. That and everyone and their dog can upload music nowadays. I also believe I have a somewhat varied musical diet, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy at some point in this thread. I'll try to vary in genres as much as possible. I will not include metal and hiphop/rap is a bit unlikely too. Not because I think they're shit genres, I just don't enjoy those and I won't be able to supply you with music that's underrated/really really good. So, for the first one: Axel Mansoor is the younger brother of Misha Mansoor, guitarist of the band Periphery, which is usually categorized as Progressive Metal / djent. Axel is a more poppy version of his younger brother and I personally really love his progressive style and his voice. Enjoy!
  14. Glad to see so many people like the new forum skin :) makes me very happy! 

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    2. Falx


      @Nobody322 I think you mean the table width being 1100, overlapping with the clubs nav right? That's very strange, I'll look into that. 

      Okay so basically it's because it was imported when we still were using the old skin and without clubs and it was imported probably from Word or a Google Docs or some kind of table-sheet, I think the old formatting still sticks to it. If you re-import the table it should fix itself.

    3. Falx


      @AFDragon I think the link-formatting is now fixed on the creator's side too although it takes a short moment for it to load properly. 


    4. TheLoneEagle


      it makes me moist :3

  15. LF team mates gold 1-2-3 Plzzzz

    Hey Hmod :) if you look at http://dmg-inc.com/mdr/ , our Casual A team has a couple of people I think that are around gold-plat level, they might be interested! We're also in the process of recruiting more and should hopefully be getting more ;).