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  1. I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  2. That answer JUST about satisfies me.. we'll see about the gate keepers ;) I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  3. The gatekeepers will likely ask you to expand upon question 10c. After I saw you taking -DI- out of your name we talked about what happened and I promised I would try to resolve the conflict that happened where someone kinda screamed at you and another person. While I'm glad that you're back and willing to forgive us from this experience happening to you, Rust is a heated game and conflicts like this may re-occur, we're all human. The right procedure is to follow chain of command and report the issue to your superior, going up the chain until you are satisfied with the answers you get. Instead, you decided to quit the clan altogether. My question is mainly, if such a conflict were ever to happen again, what would you do? Why should we accept someone back that threw in the towel so quickly?
  4. How old are you kingmaster :)? Also you said you put -DI- in your steam name but your steam profile says otherwise?
  5. 1) Remove fan and heatsink from CPU. 2) Clean the remaining thermal paste using a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol (96%+) which you should be able to get at your local cosmetics or convenience store. Don't let any of the fluid go anywhere else than where the thermal paste is. 3) Give it time to let the whole thing dry, make sure it's super clean 4) Apply thermal paste on the CPU by putting a rabbit's poop sized drop in the middle of the CPU. 5) Put the heatsink on top and this should spread the thermal paste nice and equally across the CPU and heatsink connection. 6) Put the fan back on, done!
  6. If your full member application is gone suddenly, no worries, it has just been moved to a subforum that only full members and up can see, it means your application is pending voting which is a good thing ;)!

  7. Meeting @Telferand @Ketchupplanttoday :D 

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    2. Falx


      I shaved my beard dog! Ask Telfer

    3. ENIGMA


      I need a selfie wit you and Telfer as proof!

    4. Telfer


      Sure just give us a few days, I'm um, um...um developing the pictures when I am getting home and have never heard of Photoshop.

  8. Main page is under construction, apologies if shit looks a lil weird at times but we're trying to make it less of an endless-scroll page by moving parts to separate pages and getting rid of shit no one cares about :)!

  9. Very interesting to take a look at all the concepts that haven't made it into the game, which ones do you guys think should have gone into the game :D?
  10. Anyone play BDO on EU servers and is lvl 45+ who wants to help me take down a few boss scrolls :X? 

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    2. Falx


      I'm European lol..

    3. NotAntarctican


      I'm lvl 18. So yeah ill defeat any boss in my sight

    4. Falx


      It's okay I found some random dweeb in the area who was already doing dem scrolls. The other ones I did solo coz im a beast :e565168:

  11. Buzzword Poll: http://dmg-inc.com/morning-tea-buzzword/

    Fill in your FORUM NAME and the answer to the buzzword!!

  12. from being agnostic to worshipping u lmao; such a god :P:wowdoge:

  13. Hey everyone, During division wipe, we will remain in our usual squads when going out on farm trips, roaming trips, etc. Therefore, we will use TS Team Channels as usual. However, since we'll be on the same server, in the same base, it's important to be able to communicate while being in separate channels to call jumpchecks and to warn teams or give commands without needing to hop. This is where TeamSpeak 3 Whisper lists come in handy. This will allow you to setup a hotkey for push to talk through multiple channels at once. Here's a mandatory guide for people if they want to join the division wipe on how to set up these whispers. 1) Open up TeamSpeak and click on Tools -> Whisper Lists 2) Click on New in the whisper list window 3) Choose a hotkey on your keyboard and press it. Make sure these aren't letters because it will trigger your whisper sounds while you're typing to people. I personally use F-keys, in my example I use F3. 4) Open up Damage Incorporated and then Channels as shown in the red circles in the picture below 5) Then drag all of the selected channels (in the red square) into your whisper list window in the middle 6) Click on Apply. 7) Test it with someone, make sure to have it set up before joining the division wipe. Whispers are incredibly important for communicating JUMPCHECKS as well as crucial information about enemies. For me personally , they are extremely useful for giving out commands to all teams at once (e.g. report back at base for when we assemble to raid, roam or build main base). If I catch people failing to do this, I will force them to do it within 15 minutes of me telling them to fix their whisper. You will receive a strike for failing to comply with orders and you will be kicked out of the division wipe IF: You fail to meet the 15 minute deadline of me telling you to fix your whisper Abuse your whisper by spamming it. You will receive a verbal warning and to fix it, a kick if the spam doesn't stop immediately, and a strike + division wipe kick if you fail to fix it for a prolonged period of time. This may seem harsh, but people failing to use whispers appropriately or spamming them is one of the most annoying things ever, truly. And it affects EVERYONE if you mess up. Feel free to ask questions below and just poke a team leader if you somehow can't get this to work.
  14. Hey! I wanted to reply to you in the opium den, but couldn't. Thank you for pointing out your awards structure and correcting me--I should have digged more on that! But also, your input was awesome. :D

    1. Falx


      You're welcome, good suggestion/observation.