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  1. Problem with TS??

    1. Askao


      go to the backup bts.dmg-inc.com

    2. Hannibal


      thank you=)

  2. Happy birthday my friend=)))

  3. Love you=)))

  4. On what server Phillippines are playing? NA or EU or Oceania?
  5. Prefer here=)) You could edit your post and add part 2... and later on you could post in comments that it has been updated=))
  6. Rocket League has it's own Division)))) Go check Calendar for DI-V
  7. Great Guide, are you planning on making another thread with part 2 or you will post it here??
  8. No idea=) I'll check it with @KiLLaHwe were running some tournament there last time, mb he forgat make changes or has been busy.
  9. So you have Esea??? Good to know=)))
  10. What you want @manglopici??
  11. Check it on DI-IV forums. It's Pinned there.
  12. My highest was Rank 1. I needed only one fucking win to get legends.... But noooooooooooo, why should I. I went down to rank 8 and I uninstalled the game.
  13. Where can I see who has been moved to Registered Guest?

    1. bioMonster


      If they aint on the MDR then they are a reg guest.

    2. Hannibal


      is there other way around? some place where I can see who is Reg guest.

  14. Welcome to DI-IV. I'm Glad to finally see you here=)

    1. Nota


      You know your talking to a former commander of the csgo division

    2. Hannibal


      Yes, and I respect that. I hope he is and will be proud of what DI-IV has become. R.I.P English=)

    3. rewerb


      I miss him already

  15. Who can Stream / Broadcast an event today at 6 PM GMT?