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  1. you can add website/tool called http://riftkit.net/ has useful interactive map for planning strategy and I think something else to help people with matchups haven't tried that part yet.
  2. when @chathesilver turns into Chathegold we will all be asking for forgiveness v.v "don't sleep on me, you'll see!" - Cha
  3. Not as bad as my AP renekton or mid days lol! but still pretty evil
  4. Favorite Band/Artist?

    Thrice or old Blink 182 :)
  5. New pc build . What i should buy?

    16gb ram is pretty cheap rn I think and is becoming more standard than the 8gb and I have gtx980 an can run all my games fine i play league and wow and some newer games coming out but at some medium / some high settings. But I think you can get 10xx series Graphic cards for around the same price now as mine lol use https://pcpartpicker.com/ website to compare prices and such :)
  6. Don't watch LCS if you want to learn Jg as pro league is nothing like real league of legends lol. But you can watch pro players play SOLO Q if you are trying to learn/climb the ranks through JG. Next time I am playing I'll show you some basic stuff for jg and you can just practice that each time you play. Jgling is like 10% skill and 90% decision making ( not really ) but anyone can kill monster camps it's how you spend your time. Some Jglers farm a lot early ignoring everyone in hope that they don't go 0/10 by the time they are ready to impact the game. and other jungles focus on snowballing a lane impacting the game early with lots of ganks and only clearing a camp during down time.
  7. Janna is pretty easy an I think she's good almost no matter what I've saved some super boosted donkeys while playing her. That or you can try like Zyra or some carry support if you have to rely on yourself to carry that can be good. Plat is like top 7% of players or something now but I see people getting boosted left and right so if your Adc is unhelpable leave his sorry self and go play as a second jgler and gank the lanes capable lol.
  8. yeah it's crazy imagine if league was a buy in game like not F2P or if there was stricter age restriction 0.0 I wonder how many of the players are children or more casual lol.
  9. "double douche"

    I think that Garen was me back in the day lmao @KillerRex
  10. "double douche"

    lmaoo wtff these games
  11. Trading

  12. Trading

    Hi :) anybody wan to trade some $15 in steam for $10 RP in league o f legends ?
  13. Typing shouldn't waste anyones time as long as you know how/when to type lol. maybe if someones typing like 2wpm or something sure but if you needed to type always do it while your pathing. it wastes no time since you only need to click once to get to your location anyways. But yeah I agree try not to type if you can and just ping. and you should abandon a lane if your retarded teamate goes 0/4 or some dumb shit super early in the game. Don't even bother cause you're wasting everyones time trying to snowball that guy chances are his laner will kill the both of you and if the enemy jgler happens to counter gank that guy. you LOSE the 2v2 anyways. Look for the best possible lane and pitch a tent lol really simple in low elo jungling