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  1. Trying to give my Glaceon Hidden Power [Fire] - I haven't been able to get the IVs correct. I've come up with Bug and Dragon so far. :( Help!!
  2. UPDATE: Spreadsheet now has every Pokemon and Hidden Ability listed. I've also added a field under your name that tracks how many Pokemon you have in the list. ^.^
  3. Note: Make sure when you're marking the Pokemon complete, you have a FEMALE with the hidden ability!
  4. I've approved all requests! I'm down to #467 with adding Pokemon/HAs! When you start checking stuff off, just add your name into a column at the top and put an X next to the ones you have!
  5. I'm working on creating a Hidden Abilities breeder directory for the clan here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-BHO3aOmjdqb90ObJx_xMOiszM8-ptzI6JMmwM6mF_A/edit?usp=sharing (I'm about halfway through adding Pokemon) If you're a breeder and you're collecting Hidden Ability Pokemon (and you're available to either breed or loan out your HA Pokemon for someone else to breed), request to be added to the doc and you can fill in which ones you have!
  6. If you requested access, I approved it! Theopheno: Fantastic! If you request access to the Google Doc, I'll add you and you can check off the ones you have!
  7. What Languages Do You Speak?

    English, Spanish, and working on learning Mandarin!
  8. Hobbies everyone into?

    Dungeons and Dragons player here as well -- I also just bought the stuff to go magnet fishing. :) (I live by Lake Michigan in Chicago)
  9. Something like this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-BHO3aOmjdqb90ObJx_xMOiszM8-ptzI6JMmwM6mF_A/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Hello friends! I'm getting ready to dive into competitive breeding, and I found this: http://www.serebii.net/sunmoon/hiddenabilityaccess.shtml It made me think -- wouldn't it make sense to list out these Pokemon into a spreadsheet, all the Damage Inc breeder squad could all work to catch/breed these Pokemon with their hidden abilities, and we could keep a listing of who had which pokemon with hidden abilities? Let's say a non-breeder decides they need a Grimer/Muk with Power of Alchemy -- rather than have them start from scratch, it would be awesome if we had a listing of people (like me and @EviLaz), and if people that don't enjoy breeding as much need those hidden abilities, we could be available to crank out a quick egg with it (since we already have it) and get it over to you guys. The ultimate goal would be to have multiple breeders have the catalog of hidden abilities in case one of us isn't around when you need it. Anyway, really new to breeding, so this may not be feasible or be a good idea -- feel free to drop any feedback below -- I just thought for the people that really love breeding, this would be an awesome resource for the clan if there are a few of us that are open to farm for HAs! If there's interest in this, I have no problem creating/sharing a Google Spreadsheet with anyone that enjoys breeding, and we can get to work in prep for competitive battles!
  11. It was very eye opening! I finally feel like I understand a little bit about the meta, but it feels impossibly huge to try to learn it all. Really excited to get started!!
  12. This guide is super helpful -- thank you, Laz! Once I finish out my Dex and get my BP gear, I'm going to go through this a few times and will hopefully be able to help you crank out some battle ready Pokemon for the group! Egg factory go!