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  1. 5, is more micromanaging, but the ai poses a larger threat. 6 is plays wilde giving plenty of opportunity to steamroll the ai. 5 also has a more stable multiplayer than civ 6. Personally i'd like to see wide Empires being more prone to fall apart in civ 6 like they did IRL. There are also other differences like civ 5 having diplo victory and 6's religious victory
  2. ET's meme dump

    Didn't get around to posting for a while so here is an extra thicc one. As you can see these are all old by now, but they'll do.
  3. Khmer is perfect for cheese. It has access to both early domination with it's elevants and early culture with it's martyr missionarries. This man will war you and send it missionarries to protect its ballistas. It's either religious, domination or culture your choice.
  4. Glad to see ya back :D

    1. BDSally


      Thanks its good to be back. 2 Days in a field when its raining is pretty depressing

    2. RivalET


      You'll get used to the rain eventually, take it from me.

  5. Thing about breaking games in more doable chunks is that restarting and rehosting could become fishy. Still though i'm always up for trying. So count me in and glad to see you back man. I'veheard that as long as all the original players are present at the time of restarting it will go more smoothly.
  6. ET's meme dump

  7. NQ has been a major part in keeping Civ5 alive by continuing to update and balance it. I've never used it myself, because mods won't give you achievements. But feel free to discuss.
  8. Francis Of The Filth

    Technically it's a book, thoughts?
  9. Thx fr the MT token @Jonse ik it's a lotta boring work :p

    1. Blackbird


      ^ amen to that :)

  10. I wouldn't the most hated type, but by far the worst is the Ice type. They function best as a glass cannon, but they're often too slow and bulky.
  11. Video Overview Leader - Catherine de Medici - Civilization Ability - Grand Tour +20% Production towards Medieval, Renaissanse, and Industrial era Wonders. Tourism from Wonders of any era is doubled. - Leader Ability - Catherine's Flying Squadron Has 1 level of Dimoplatic Visibility greater than normal with every civilization that she's met. Receives a free Spy (and extra spy capacity) with the Castles technology. All spies start as Agents with a free promotion. - Unique Unit - Garde Imperiale Technology Military Production cost 340 Melee strength 65 Movement 2 Maintenance 5 Upgrades to Mechanized Infantry Notes French unique Industrial era melee unit. +10 Combat Strength when fighting on your capital's continent. Great General points for killing units. - Unique Infrastructure - Château Technology / Civic Required Humanism Built by Builder Effects: +2 Culture +1 Appeal +2 Culture if next to a Wonder +1 Gold if next to a Luxury resource - Playstyle/Strategies General Notes The General strategy would be more tall and defensive to allow for a focus on wonders and tourism. Culture will be your best bet at a Victory. Build walls in all your cities, because even if you do not immediately need them, they'll at the very least give you tourism once you get conservatism and might help hold off an unexpected invasion. Great scientists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein will compensate your small civ size by upping the science per university. Early Game As France you don't get any bonuses in the early game, so it would be wise to take a back seat to the early wars and use the time to quickly(!) expand your empire to a decent size (7 is good enough, but more is never a bad thing) taking strong defensive positions as a priority, preferably on more hillier parts of the map that are on your original continent. Focus on building up the productivity of those cities as soon as possible with trade routes, mines and industrial zones. Prioritize a defensive unites like archers in your military, as you're probably not going to survive the war game early on with civs like Persia running around if you're gonna be the aggressor. If between expansion and military you find a window for an early wonder, go for it, but do not forget to invest into science and culture as well. If war does not seem a threat you might wanna go autocracy to get the legacy wonder boost for thee late game. Midgame If you don't have a religion, I would recommend it to pass on theocracy and go for a merchant republic instead, you're gonna want the extra economic slots and more trade routes never hurt. With the 20% bonus on wonders now is the time to spam 'em, boost wonder production further by another 15% from Gothic Architecture, tho this will require divine right. Or you can wait till skyscrapers from Civil Engineering (After this civic you also can't build new walls!). If still possible try to get up some cities near coastal plains with >4 appeal to build resorts later on. The Eiffeltower will help you with getting resorts and national parks. Don't forget to build museums too, you might need more than just cumulative tourism from wonders. Utilize your early spies to steal great works, disrupt production or incite revolts to wreak havoc on your competitors. If great artists will be hard to get by, there's always archeology. Endgame Beeline for computers to try to get a culture victory before nukes become and/or get nukes yourself. Use spies and nukes to thwart a science victory if it comes to it. Conservationism and Cultural heritage are important, but so are Professional Sports and Social Media, prioritize wisely or spread your culture out until you get the boosts. As a cultural civilization Democracy is your biggest friend.
  12. ET's meme dump

  13. If we didn't need sleep we'd probably be awake at night meaning Daily energy consumption would spike