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  1. a change i would make to the late game would be to boost aerodomes, don't really have a problem w/ ideology.
  2. Norway itself has a ocean start bias though, making it likely it will have water. This allows it to take advantage of high tier civs who also have such biases like australia. Giving it SOME tactics. It is still VERY situational, but not to such a degree to where it is completely unviable.
  3. Norway probably deserves a raise to below average due to Harald's -50% production for naval units.
  4. Last Civ V DLC was in 2013, so i predict we will fall just 1 year short of that.
  5. The civ devellopers we're very aware of this fact, as such they made sure beforehand that the game too won't work untill 2021.
  6. Maybe the autumn update since that would mark a 1 year anniversary of the game, usually they hype these things up though.
  7. what's up with this new structure?

    1. Dom


      Adding new looks to DI while we are going through a change. More eSports and Events (tournaments), means better forums. 

  8. Read up on Bulbapedia, abuse the duplicate rule and get good.
  9. Casual C Team Thread

    Alright, i'll do that next time then. I'd prefer it if both we're kept. Clubs are useful for mingling w/ other divisions but are hazardous for keeping track of your own
  10. Casual C Team Thread

    Also i really hate how clubs have replaced the old division forums, it's way less clean.
  11. Casual C Team Thread

    I put my shit on forums and it still got lost tho
  12. Marathon game anyone?

    i'd be up but, all you need for a long-term game is to disable a domination victory (maybe religious too?)
  13. Casual C Team Thread

    i can't cuz i'll be on vacay again
  14. Guess who's back, back again?