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  1. Good luck with that. Steam support will usually get it fixed as long as you have proof that you bought something before on the account(steam purchase receipt) and proof that payment method is yours. Sit tight.
  2. Hello people

    Cheers buddy! Glad to have you with us. Good luck with your kitchen Science course!
  3. Yea, as it was mentioned above, focus fire just marks a target and gives you max attack speed on that target for a period of time. You can use any ability or items like normal during that time.
  4. Real good cartoon humour

    =( That wouold not be very good.
  5. Real good cartoon humour

    Forgot to add the 18+ tag sorryyy
  6. Might work, if their opponents have weak lanes and his entire team doesn't get crushed before he gets to level 3.
  7. Honestly this meta is very open imo. Take VP sweeping the summit with 80 different heroes in 17 games. You can get a good game with any decent lineup, nothing meta relevant about that these days. A few pub favorites, but we'll have to wait for ti7 to know.
  8. CK scales better, but tony and io can jsut snowball a game much more effectively. It really depends on the other 3 heroes tbh.
  9. Hello I am Taco

    Welcome to DI buddy!