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  1. CK scales better, but tony and io can jsut snowball a game much more effectively. It really depends on the other 3 heroes tbh.
  2. Best Valve event since TI3 imo
  3. Welcome to DI buddy!
  4. This. Play TMM or play casual. People should not be given an ELO based on how well they do with friends, there are too many factors outside of the person's control that can cause him to win or lose.
  5. True enough, removing CM from ranked makes absolutely no sense at all, unless they're preparing something new imo.
  6. Well if you want to play serious games with your friends you can always form a team and play team matchmaking/join faceit/online tournys
  7. I undersatnd this, but party MMR is never really a good measure of skills, people get carried too easily, especially in groups of 5, and unranked has a much wider range when matchmaking than ranked.
  8. For this weekend we are testing some changes to matchmaking:- Parties can only play in unranked matches.- Ranked matchmaking no longer has Captain’s Mode or Random Draft.- Unranked All Pick now follows the same picking order as Ranked All Pick.
  9. I lost a game once.
  10. Anything but a carry when your team already has 4 carries with 0 reliable disables and nothing to deal with an ursa?
  11. Had a good laugh at this xD
  12. This has opened my eyes. As from today, i will ready every single terms and agreement on the web. As if