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  1. Need any help with these games?

    Great il let you know good starter decks and stuff like that also il make a DI Clash Royale clan so that all the clash fans in the clan can join I dont play them because my pc isn't set up but I know a lot about the mods on mc
  2. Dankness

  3. If ya need any help with the following games just follow and reply and il give you all the help I can:) Halo:Reach Skyrim/Skyrim Remastered Dungeon Defenders Terra Tech Minecraft Just Cause 2/3 Bloons Td Battles/5 COD: Black Ops 1/2 Roblox Clash Of Clans/Royale Hill Climb Racing 1/2 Dead By Daylight Age Of War 1/2 .io Games Bike Race Forza Horizon 1/2 GTA V Hello Neighbor The Whole Bloody Fnaf Franchise Pokemon Go Super MARIO Run Assasins Creed 2/4/Brotherhood Also my Xbox Live Gamertag Is Savvy Ignite(If You Want To Add Me Then Send Me A Message Saying "DI" So I Know That Your Not A Random Ass Geezer) All The Best, Ben
  4. Have you ever played on skyrim if so do you like it and why

  5. BECAUSE SHE HAD NO ARMS!!! Hahahahahahahahahah kill me now what has my life become hahahahahhahahahahahahah
  6. I would like to know how to rank up in the clan because I presume that it is a lot more complicated than just helping out a bit. (Any Helpful reply would be Greatly appreciated)