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  1. The Cohorts page is back up and better than ever! http://dmg-inc.com/cohorts/

    1. AFDragon


      Thank you Lucas

  2. Phew, After two days of work, the MDR is now up, running and better than ever! http://dmg-inc.com/mdr/

    1. AlwaysSlayin
    2. Specctre


      Looks good. Well done!

    3. BDSally


      It looks great, good work!

  3. Believe me or not, this is a real clothing selection from a real shop... http://www.farfetch.com/uk/editorial/the-new-utility-men.aspx?ffref=lnp_mod5 This week in Fashion for rich idiots: Ah this is the "I don't know what a belt is" look This is the "I belong in a institution" style And the classic "I want to look poor, but don't know how" look And the hipster craze "I do wear socks in sandles" And lastly "I still don't know what a belt is, all my clothing is tailored to me"
  4. Ah, i think that's different to what we were talking about, we were talking about something to integrate with the forums for posting, messaging and notifications etc
  5. It is IPBoard 4, lower than 4 doesn't have all the dynamic stuff this site has
  6. @AzusaListenI was looking around and found that TapaTalk supports IPBoard. I don't know who I would suggest this too but you can see how to install it here: http://r.tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php The free version supports push notifications and browsing the site. I would really like this for the notifications alone...
  7. Wow, you have some epic talent
  8. It really was a random number, here is the screenshot I took before I posted. I'm glad we could have a bit of fun with a game that's been sitting in my inventory lol
  9. Well done @Specctre! You got the closest! Please add me on steam so I can send you the prize! :) Actual 877416 Specctre 763672 113744 MarvelMadMan 1,000,000 122,584 Iceyproned 696969 180447 scooterg2004 194269 683147 Chucklz 4 877412 THETINMAN 1 877415
  10. One more day left!
  11. I have a spare copy of Trine 3 on steam, I could just give it away, but I thought I would make it into a little game... I am thinking of a whole number between 1 - 1,000,000 (One to One Million) What is it? One guess per person, ends in 3 days on 18th Jan at 9am GMT I have a screenshot I took of the number so it can't be changed from now http://steamcommunity.com/id/TeaWithLucas/inventory/#753_1
  12. The ease of this all depends on the engine the forum runs on. You might notice a lot of forums offer 'tapatalk' app for their forum, the engine may have a premade app like this that can directly intergrate. I can make apps, but depending on the engine this could be simple or complex. One option is to make a app 'shell' which is just a glorified chrome browser with a few buttons. This would run in the background and display DI notifications normally on the phone. I think you can achieve this easily with chrome webview https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/webview/overview
  13. If you ever do upgrade and get a hot CPU you might want to get water cooling for it. I never really liked water cooling, but i really like corsairs watercooling systems for the CPU. Also I would suggest a upgrade from the GTX760 for more modern games, here are some tables for reference:
  14. I like all of it for different reasons, i like farming as it fills accomplishing to acquire resources, base building because of the strategy of predicting weaknesses and protecting against them, raiding and pvp because of the adrenaline rush and organising in base because I am slightly OCD about organisation and time management (just ask my partner, I have rearranged the kitchen 6 times this year!).