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  1. A little song I made

    This sounds super dope, try to add more variations in the drums tho, maybe some fills that could give the song more feel.
  2. NBA fans?

    LOL. GS is doing really poorly despite their amazing lineup. Obviously they are still leading their conference but that's because they have an OP lineup. But considering that, there is no reason they should be losing games.
  3. NBA fans?

    Russ def deserves the MVP imo, but there's a lot of great players out there right now as well such as Kawhi, KAT, and obviously people like LeBron, Curry, etc.
  4. I am currently an Independent DJ/Producer who makes electronic music, it's obvious to me that I am not the only one who does this for fun. So it would be great to get more audience especially those who would appreciate the type of music I make. Let's all post our SoundCloud profiles here so we can discover new music and follow each other/help each other grow as artists! Here is my SoundCloud profile:
  5. KROE Intro

    Hello everyone! It is so great to finally be a part of this community even as an initiate, my name is KROE and I play a lot of Dota 2, and I hope I get to play with all y'all someday!