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    I believe there was actually a kind of preseason episode on April 1. It was actually great. Just waiting for it to start now :) (later this summer i read somewhere)
  2. Saw this today: the text says: It look like he have eyebrows and a mustache
  3. Career Goals

    I don't really know anymore where I specifically want to go, somewhere near networking and virtualization. I'll see which classes interest me as I finish school. One thing I'm sure off, I want to have a good working environment.
  4. Who actual watches tv?

    Yeah, TV is basically used for Netflix/YouTube and playing video games.
  5. GTA V Radio Stations

    I didn't play any of these games but when roflo plays fallout4 I actually listen to the radio of his game instead of my game's music :P
  6. First PC Game?

    First pc game....I believe that would be the monopoly game from the cereal box. Other than that I believe it's actually minecraft. When I was around 19....yep.
  7. The Most Important Moment In DI History.

    time to get to 77,777?
  8. Pass my exams and get better at playing kin-ball.
  9. Recipes book app

    Hello, me and my teammates are making an interface for a cooking book cellphone application as a session project and we have a few questions to ask to people around us. So I would like your help to get as many answers as possible. You don't have to answer to all the questions and I know some might seem pretty obvious. How do you plan your grocery list? At which moment? How and where do you look for your recipes? Do you manage your pantry? If yes, how; If no, why not? Do you have a way to reduce the waste of food? How do you plan your meals? What is your goal when you do these tasks? How do you manage those task? Which task are automated and which are not? How could you make these tasks easier? Would you have an interest for an application who would help you to achieve those tasks? Which aspect of the application would be the most important?
  10. Survey PLEASE HELP

    About 13-14 hours per day. around 16 on weekends
  11. Lets play rock paper scissors

    I counter with francium thrown in water (still I got my 50 posts :D )
  12. Lets play rock paper scissors

    Then I use my 50th post to block your dynamite.
  13. Lets play rock paper scissors

    I counter it with a high humidity level? Does that work? Like it's to wet to lit? O.o Or just water.
  14. Lets play rock paper scissors

  15. Lets play rock paper scissors

    oh, ok ._.