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  1. Totally hunter x hunter besides the psychopaths seems like a great place to live. Longs as you don't leave the first three continents anyways.
  2. Relatable...

    Anni just unplug your keyboard :/
  3. Always settle on crappy lux is my game plan like incense, silver, dyes, or tea. you still get the +1 yield type but you don't have to work the lux to get the bonus. Faith generating lux are especially good which means early pantheon.
  4. Had to make a guide to just get into a game. I know your pain. This!
  5. This is a guide to increase the ability to functionally get a game together for Civilization 6. You know you have been there guys, waiting 3 to four hours trying to get a game together is tough. That is why I am putting this information out their, guys spread the knowledge we can overcome the vile Firaxis and their no work to their multiplayer system. Problems with the lobby: When getting a game together make all the settings before the players are able to enter the game, changing the settings when players are in the lobby sometimes causes the game to break. If you have a lobby open and someone disconnects from the lobby or leaves, it can break the game. If so you must REMAKE THE LOBBY failure to do so is going to make them either unable to connect or have them disconnect when the game is loading up. Make sure players do not choose Civs before everyone is in the game and make sure that if they do that 'same Civ' option is disabled. Currently sometimes a player who has the same Civ as another player can get that red lettering next to their name saying "No Duplicate Leaders" and even if they change Civ's to one that is not a duplicate this can disallow one from readying up sometimes. The only way to fix this is to exit the lobby and re-enter which as mentioned can break the lobby. Also if the players disconnect from the lobby when a Civ is chosen it leaves the Civ in the slot that the player was, often helping to bug out the lobby. If a player is unable to connect to the lobby several times the best way to fix this is have ALL players RESTART their game and remake the lobby. If you still are having problems getting players into the lobby it usually is because of steam download regions, for some reason players from different download regions conflict and when one player can get into the lobby the other cannot. You can get around this sometimes by remaking the lobby and having the person in question join the lobby before anyone else. In a lobby make sure all players can see the other players in the lobby. If the game is starting and you cannot see one of the players but they readied up the lobby is bugged and will cause disconnects to some or all of the players. If all else fails switch hosts, Firaxis uses spaghetti code it doesn't matter how good your connections or how good your computer sometimes you can just generally not get into a game with that person as a host. Problems in game: The host of the game should be saving EVERY turn either by manual saves or auto-saves, this allows you to reload from a game crash or disconnect problems. If you have a player disconnect or de-synch from the game you MUST reload from the turn BEFORE the issue occurred, to be absolutely safe load two turns before the issue in question. If you do not do this you might suffer from having players de-synch every turn making the game unplayable. Also while the player disconnected it should be taken into account that the AI spent that players gold and moved all of their troops and maybe changed all their build orders. Furthermore if the disconnect happens earlier the players spawn may be moved to another location by the cheating ai, this will break the game if the player reloads. If the turns take forever to roll-over it's due to the connections between the players reloading the game might fix this but if you do this you may break the game so bear this in mind, it's a 50/50 chance. If you load into the game and you cannot see the map, as in everything is fog of war the game will have to be remade. Workarounds everyone should look at: If you absolutely want to re-host a game and players are willing to deal with the AI taking one of their turns there is a more reliable way to re-host the game. Step 1, have the host reload the game and kick all of the reserved players one by one from the game. Step 2, start game. Step 3, pause the game. Step 4, re-invite all players one by one into the game. If restarting your game does not work it might be because of a corrupt file you can sometimes fix this by deleting a couple of nonessential folders that will be remade if the game starts up. They are the 'Cache, dumps, logs, moduserdata and packagedumps' folders this was a common fix for Civ 5 as well. you can find these folders in '\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI'. Patience but don't kill yourself everyone, we should do our best to achieve better ways to get a game together but sometimes it is just not meant to be and you have to know how far you want to go. Don't let the multiplayer problems discourage you from playing Civ.
  6. Nubia is probably strong tier @Gammaray :P So many ranged units.
  7. Marathon game anyone?

    The problem with marathon games is they would take a month to complete, it's hard to get everyone together again and again in order to continue.
  8. Civilizations you want to see in Civ IV

    I would love to see Canada but realistically since the next civ is from the far east... Ryukyu, anyone who plays EU4 would get this one!
  9. Aurora borealis affect? New?

    0_o This exists..... I feel bad for not knowing about this. It's just cosmetic and doesn't affect appeal right?
  10. [Casual game] Date Played 01st of august 2017 (Game #1) Host: @BDSally Map Details: Pangaea, Small Players:( @BDSally, @knolz), (@KroII, @ShadowF0x),( @rmjohnson144, @RunDeckardRun) Rules: Standard rules, base game, Teams Winner: @KroII, @ShadowF0x CC to domination (60 Strength swordsmen) Game Time: Turn 53 2 Hours 10 min _____________________________
  11. [Thursday Civ] 7/27/2017 Host: @ELLoCoMoNo Map Details: Pangea Players: @KroII, @ELLoCoMoNo, @RunDeckardRun, @rmjohnson144 Rules: No mods Winner: @KroII, Religion Game Time: Turn 132, 4 hours
  12. Hello KroII here once again, lets talk about culture. Culture victories in civilization 6 are nebulous and hard to pin down but the purpose of this guide is to reinforce the basics of what a culture victory is exactly and what we can do to achieve it. What is the Cultural Victory condition? What is Domestic tourism? What are Foreign Tourists? Having defined Domestic and Foreign Tourists for a cultural victory we can now move onto the actual strategy section of the guide. Short term goals for a cultural victory: 1. Raise your culture amount 2. EXPLORE like crazy 3. Get tourism as soon as possible 4. Prioritize city states 5. Espionage 6. Do not rush governments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Long Term goals for a cultural victory 1. Prioritize certain civics 2. Prioritize certain techs 3. There are great people you CANNOT win if someone else gets them 4. Hit every civic inspiration like your a heavy metal drummer 5. Wonders 6. Policy Cards 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  13. Team B Help Desk

    *Civ 5 is build 5 cities or so and then build them up. *Civ 6 is build all of the cities you can afford to micromanage *Civ 5 is bugfixed *Civ 6 is not *Civ 5 forces you to chose certain government trees in order to flesh out your government *Civ 6 changes it by making policy cards to further customize a government choice allowing you to tailor it to your needs * Civ 5 has the busted great wall of china which reads as before you research dynamite no one can kill you *Civ 6 has if you get defender of the faith no one can kill you unless they convert your cities *Civ 5 you can kill opponents great people *Civ 6 great people live forever and are the best scouts in the game In a nutshell these are the major differences :P
  14. Old age glitch

    Well Firaxis, buddy old pal. I have seen many piece of crap glitches come out of your ass for civ 6 so far but this one, I don't even know. Feast your eyes on Firaxis somehow managing to screw up the characters in their last patch. I couldn't get pictures of all civs because who knows how to replicate this shit. Grandpa Gilgamesh with his new and improved fearsome beard. Trajan the Elder showing his new look for his retirement home application. Jadwiga just wants to have some fun. Only non senior out of all these old folks. Its good to know that even after 20 years of her last portrait, Victoria is still wearing the same dress. I dont know how they screwed this up but the other day when I noticed this I stared at GIlgamesh's photo for 15 minutes straight until I figured out something was in fact off and I'm not imagining things. :/
  15. Team B Help Desk

    Hello everyone It's April and with April we have the start of a new cohort for initiates. This means you guys should ask questions and you should take the initiative to ask me them here. FAQ: