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  1. Don't lie man, your fave map is any map with me on it :)
  2. Buying PC, new or refurbed?

    Personally I've never bought a 2nd hand rig, but I can offer some general advice. Firstly, PCs aren't cars, as in they don't age in the same way - like most electronic devices they will work right up until they don't though there are some exceptions to this rule. A refurb job isn't really all that hard to do yourself as almost 99% of the components in a PC aren't user serviceable. Basically, it's just a re-seat of the ram and AIBs, a clean and re-application of thermal paste, and a really thorough vacuum job. All of these things are easy to do for even the least technical minded of people, though there is some basic precautionary stuff you need to be mindful of. All this means is you can consider buying privately and do the refurb yourself, therefore you won't pay for labor, therefore you should get a better PC for your GBP. Do some research on the components in the machine you want to buy as PCs are modular and therefore you can upgrade things - getting a referb that has a motherboard that is compatible with newer processors is a great way of extending the life of your purchase. Don't let them just throw it in a box and send it. For the love of chirst, go and pick it up yourself. Depending on where you buy it, you might not get an OS license, so be prepared to either go *nix or shell out for W10. As always, buywer beware. People are scumbags, doubly so when selling something used. Good luck.
  3. PC

    https://goo.gl/Ti4z6B If you need more specific help I'm happy to provide it, but as the question stands this is the best answer :)
  4. Pc Components

    Let us know what you end up with man. GROWNUP TOYS YES!
  5. Pc Components

    Whatever you're doing, if you plan on buying DRAM or SSD do it yesterday. Price of that shit is skyrocketing, both products up about 60% since this time last year.
  6. Am I doing it right?
  7. Streaming?

    Well it all comes down to math, just like everything in the universe. Math is the universal language - english, spanish, alien, one plus one will always equal two. Having a computer that can process +60fps @ 1080p while also encoding the same in H.264 is great but if your end goal is to livestream then you're better off spending that $1400 on a better internet connection than a 1080ti if your current connection doesn't cut the mustard. For OP, if he isn't technically minded - xrex * yres = bits per frame * framerate = max bits per second uncompressed. The lesson here is that there is a ton of data in video, and doing anything with video is always going to be intensive. You can set a bitrate for your stream, but the lower the bitrate the more compressed the image will be, resulting in less quality. A good guide is youtube which iirc uses ~8Mbps for 1080p content. All this basically means that if you're in Australia (like me) you can't stream things ever. FUCKING SADFACE
  8. Broke my chair! need a new one

    I suggest you look into getting a chair that doesn't swivel or have wheels. It's all the rage to have an ergonomic chair in your office these days, and that always seems to mean having something that tilts, swivels, and rolls around but honestly i've never been more comfortable since I bought a chair that just had regular legs. It doesn't move back every time I shift my weight, it doesn't roll around if I lean back and honestly I feel like I can sit in it more comfortably for longer than I ever could in one of those bloody office chairs. I have a PATRIK from ikea if you're interested. No idea if it's in your price range or even if it's still available but its comfy af and I'm not getting rid of it until it breaks.
  9. Streaming?

    This is so accurate it hurts. If you watch some youtube vids from Pauls Hardware, LTT, or Jayztwocents you can get some great info on how the new crop of procs perform re streaming (as it was a hot selling point for zen) but having a proc that can play + encode your games at +60fps @ 1080p while only dropping 7% of frames counts for shit when your ISP is only giving your 150kbps upstream.
  10. Gpu's

    All good man. What'd you end up with? RED OR GREEN TELL US NOW.
  11. My amazing Pc

    Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here all like
  12. Because seriously, its dope af. JACK BAUER IS THE PRESIDENT AND THERE IS A CONSPIRACY! It's on netflix, as an original. WATCH IT.
  13. Favorite headset?

    I bought the HyperX cloud II's and they're pretty much everything I want in a headset. About my only complaints is that the cable doesn't detach from the headset (like the mic does) and that they don't include a splitter for the speakers/mic so you can't easily use them with your soundcard.
  14. CPU upgrade

    EDIT: so somehow I ended up making a comment in here about headsets :/ While I'm hear though, my thoughts on this would be shoot for the 7700k if you have the extra benjamins. IDK what the market is like where you are but I recently made this decision and the price difference between them was so small, as was the performance difference that it didn't make sense to not buy the newer one. The money that I'd save was not worth more to me than the performance I'd lose - in other terms the price to performance of both chips was basically the same, so I wasn't actually losing any value by making either decision, but I was losing performance by buying the 6700K.