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  1. Well I may have actually bought stuff this time. Still waiting on the graphics card... Many sexier pics to follow...
  2. Everyone loves a good webcomic. Share your faves in here, or new finds or whatever. Remember to link to the artists page so they get clicks and that. FTLOG don't rehost their stuff on imgur. I really love RandoWis
  3. I find that I always have to sneeze when I'm about to negotiate a tricky driving situation, such as a traffic circle / roundabout. Tres inconvenient.
  4. Welcome mate. Stick your head into div VII if you've ever got half a day to kill playing civ ;)
  5. Welcome! Glad to hear you're having a good time at DI :)
  6. Can confirm. Gammaray showed me a few things a while back and it improved my game tenfold.
  7. Yeah gotta watch that. The 1800X has missed the mark with gaming according to some people, but realistically the 1800X isn't targeted at gaming class chips. It's more a competitor to the 6900K which is also worse at gaming than the 7700K (generally) There is a possibility that the chips will scale, with the 1500X and 1600X being more comparable to the 7700K due to the core count.
  8. And also CIV-VI, it would seem. Good to have you on board m8.
  9. Good game the other day BD, with any luck the next one will last a little longer, have more players, and less bugs!
  10. Yeah I've seen some builds with the rigid tubes and man... those angles...
  11. Is that solid white tubing or white cooling liquid? Either way, it looks dope af.
  12. I mean, if you have the tools and stuff to make it, almost certainly not. But if you dont, like most people, it's certainly worth it. 7 Also that price is in AUD (probably? I can't remember what I paid). Thins here are usually +35% more, just because.
  13. Does anyone here custom watercool? I've *wanted* to do it for over a decade now but it always seems so... impractical, especially with the increasing amount of AIO solutions out there. So, do you? If you do, why? Whats the maintenance like?