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  1. Brionne mainly because it is just plain adorable to look at. *Proceeds to have a heart attack from the amount of cuteness*
  2. I love to use Goodra and Garchomp. Seriously they are so great at giving you many options for teams that its honestly fun to use them.
  3. Guess next person to post?

    Nope changeling inquisition @claduva You must join us!!!
  4. Guess next person to post?

    Mehm? MEHM?!? MEHMMMMMMMM!!! ................... @13thShade
  5. Guess next person to post?

    Sorry bud but you know to much of the changeling inquisition *Stabs* @claduva
  6. The first time I beaten the elite 4 was in pokemon Moon I had Lunala, 50% Zygarde, Toucannon, Starmie, Absol, and good old Primarina.
  7. What you listening to?

    Ok you can say whatever the heck you want about Russia but I say they make some of the best music out there.
  8. I started out watching the pokemon anime first but eventually I got pokemon pearl as my first pokemon game. I loved that game to death though I never truly completed it. I didn't really got into the series though and I was content with just the one pokemon game I have but later on I gotten to try pokemon black 2 though I never really finished that either. It wasn't until sun and moon came out that I became utterly fascinated by the game.
  9. Guess next person to post?

    Nope You got the changeling inquisition. Sorry. @claduva I will get your to reply to this someday!!!
  10. Whatsup with your username?

    My username is simply my OC's name combined with part of a code that I will forever remember from a splinter cell game (Mainly becuase I made the guy repaeat it so much I forever remember it) Shadow Light was basically my attempt at comeing up with a original character for roleplaying and he sort of became who I am in the internet. The full code on splinter cell was 284689. It was a code in the tutorial section of the game and I didn't really understood the controls at all so I kept makeing him repeat that series of numbers till I can figure out how to open a door while holding a guy hostage. XD To this very day I still haven't beaten the tutorial of that game and even then I honestly don't care much for that game.
  11. While I haven't practice for competitive myself I tend to prefer showdown as its just easier to get set up. I don't think I have used the Sun and Moon battle feature though I'd like to give it a try sometime. As for when I do practice I prefer battling with people like Claduva as to me I can guess what an AI is going to do easily but when it comes to a person I can't reliable guess what they are going to do though I plan on challenging Bender a lot soon as I need to learn how to come up with a winning strategy.
  12. Hello everyone and welcome to my little weekly forum post :D Anyway this will be the first of a sort of series I'll do where I'll basically type up any random thing I can think of from the top of my head. It can be a fun forum game and then come next post it will be a serious discussion that I hope will make you think about things. Now to start things off I'm just sort of doing a tutorial for those who recently gotten into competitive Pokemon so view my first post as a bit of a guide to introduce you to competitive mode. Now I'm just gonna put this disclaimer up right now, I'm new to the competitive gaming scene though I am learning and I hope to share what I learned with you all. Anyway Introductions aside lets begin my first post shall we. Getting The Mindset Basically this section is going to explain what we should think about when doing competitive. Now its obvious when playing competitive you should be focusing on winning the game but the mindset changes from game to game. For Pokemon the mindset you need to install in yourself is that you need to come up with a winning strategy against your opponent who will more then likely have his own winning strategy. Now to understand the best way to get a mindset like that you need to practice a few games and understand the meta now to me its easy to understand the meta as these are tried ideas that have won games (Perhaps even tournaments) so don't feel ashamed of using someone else's idea cause most of the time your opponents might already be using that same method. The biggest thing I have to mention is simply strategies that honestly make you look like an a** to your opponent. Sometimes when coming up with a strategy you might have to do a dirty trick or two and yeah it might tick off your opponent (Especially if they play games casually) but at the end of the day its simply a strategy that more then likely will help you win so don't be afraid of using a underhanded trick or two...as long as your not breaking the rules that is because even in competitive there are rules in placed to prevent cheating. Another thing to note is that in the competitive scene if you don't practice your not gonna win any tournaments so whenever you get the time try getting some practice in with either a friend or our crazy arrogant bot Bender (Warning Bender might be drunk when you battle him so be careful when interacting with him) as people say practice makes perfect and that goes double for competitive Pokemon as your opponents are already training day after day to take you down. the last two things I would like to explain are what I think are the most important things for you to keep in mind when doing competitive. The first thing is that you need to do some research yourself. Nobody knows everything and its always important to have some information on hand that will help you in the long run as those who don't learn about what they play won't ever get better at the game they want to play. This goes double for Pokemon as you not only need to learn about the meta you also need to learn what type is effective against what, what Pokemon is heavily armored in defense, what is Goodra's biggest weakness, how did my opponent outspeed me when I clearly had more speed then he dose, all of these things can be answered easily by doing a bit of research on your own. Here have a link to a website I use for when learning about the meta and what is a good move against a specific Pokemon: http://www.smogon.com/dex/sm/pokemon/ The very last thing I have to say is practically the biggest thing to keep in mind when playing any game competitively. Have fun. those two simply words are the biggest things to have in mind when playing competitive and its something that you should do. Don't force yourself into doing something you don't like and instead have fun with what you do cause at the end of the game the people that gets the most out of competitive are people who love the challenge that it brings to the table. That's all I got to say on competitive gaming for now. I do hope you enjoy my post and at the same time please leave a comment on what you think. Are there some things I need to address? Do you got any suggestions to give to me? Is there something bugging you and you need someone to talk to you about it? if you said yes to any of these questions then all you need to do is send me a PM and I'll respond to you as fast as I can. Enjoy your venture to competitive gaming and let the Moon Goddess Lunala guide your way to victory.
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  15. I've grown to like using Garchomp as he is very useful in a utility role as long as you watch out for ice type attacks