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  1. Gonna be listening to this while I play Terraria today. I suggest checking it out and see the animation of it as well.
  2. I don't got any sadly :'(
  3. This was pratically the first boss theme from pokemon I ever listened to and it was so satisfying to destroy him.
  4. Eh I just simply farmed at pony island though I might give that last patch of grass that leads to the battle tree after I finish EV training.
  5. Sorry 13thShade I just discovered this thread and I am pitching in. I'm gonna guess that Claduva will be the next person to comment on this thread
  6. So far this game is going a bit slow.....come on people I know your all dying to pour the salt from every pour of your body!!! Also Don't you just hate it when you sent a request for customer service and they basically never get back to you. (I'm still salty about my stolen shotgun )
  7. Oh a music forum you say...hmmmmmmmm I think I'll just leave this here Enjoy and don't forget to rip and tear your enemies to pieces :D
  8. Here is a little fun forum game I came up with. Its a simple game thats perfect for starting conversations and the like :) Alright here is how it goes We all comment right here with the words Don't you just hate it... then you create a sentence out of those few words. Perfect for airing out your anger at certain issues :D ok...ready...set...go! Don't you just hate it when you were trading someone and they create this absolute crazy scheme to swindle you of your stuff which works (Seriously if I ever find those two mother****** I WILL kick their asses I got that shotgun from a friend and they just up and steal it from me)
  9. Literally almost all day when I get home from school which is around 4:00pm till 9:00pm during the regular school week but during the weekends I'm literally on the computer till around 10:00pm. Except for today as I am sick right now and going to bed as soon as I type this. All times that I give are in the EST time zone. Hope you do well in statistics, I am actually taking that class this school year so have a good time in it.
  10. Honestly I don't know anything about the Tapu to give you a personal opinion about them. I can try to capture a few but I already messed up on trying to capture Tapu Koko and had to knock him out
  11. ..........I......I think im just gonna...leave then.......*Quickly jumps out the nearest window*
  12. .....why the heck dose that sound even worse.....
  13. ..........what can I honestly say to that.......I literally have nothing.
  14. Welcome to the S.S. Damage Incorporated I hope you enjoy your stay as this cruise has only just begun.
  15. Welcome to the community Blhoo. I would actually suggest he try the vacation subforum as he is going to be gone for a good while and unless he comes back and log into the forums on those same days then he should just put this in general discussions.